fall from

fall from (something)

To drop from something at some height. Unfortunately, when Susan opened the door, a pile of snow fell from the roof and hit her. I'm sure the glass didn't just fall from the table—the cat probably knocked it over.
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fall from someone or something

to fall off of someone or something. The books fell from the top shelf in the earthquake. The eggs rolled and fell from the counter and broke on the floor.
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No one should ever fall from elevation, there are very good systems available to keep you safe and from hitting the surface below.
Falls to a lower level are classified as fall to lower level, unspecified; fall from collapsing structure or equipment; fall through surface; and other fall to lower level.
Approximately three-quarters (76.7 percent) of the falls to a lower level were categorized as event code 433, "other fall to lower level"; 10.2 percent were "fall from collapsing structure or equipment"; and 9.4 percent were "fall to lower level, unspecified." Within "other fall to lower level," when the height of the fall was unspecified or less than 6 feet, there were more sprains, strains, and tears than fractures.
Neither of these studies, however, evaluated characteristics, which can distinguish those who reported one fall from those who report recurrent falls.
"We urge people who live in one- and two-family homes to put them in because even a fall from the first floor can kill a child," said Department of Health spokesperson Fredric Winters.
For your chip's next stunt, it must fall from a height of 2 m (6 ft.) and land on a hard floor.
Chladni espoused the heretical notion that stones and masses of iron fall from the sky and deserve recognition as natural phenomena.
WHAT BETTER NAME than "fall" for a season when trillions of leaves fall from billions of trees?
Nov 14, 1986: Jayne Thompson, 22, died six days after sustaining severe head injuries in a fall from Hot Betty at Catterick May 10, 1986: Michael Blackmore died after being kicked after a fall at Market Rasen
Jul 8, 1981: Joe Blanks, 24, killed after colliding with a concrete post in a fall from Leigh Queen at Brighton
After all, thousands of people die each year when they fall from much lower heights, such as from ladders and stairs.