fall foul of

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fall (a)foul of (someone or something)

To become disliked or to come in conflict with someone or something due to one's actions, often resulting in further trouble or conflict. Since you're new here, be careful not to fall afoul of Bill—he'll keep you off of every case if he's mad at you. I fell foul of the committee, and now I'm not sure how to improve my reputation. Ted fell afoul of the law when he was still a kid, and he's been in and out of jail ever since.
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fall (a)foul of someone or something

 and run (a)foul of someone or something
to get into a situation where one is opposed to someone or something; to get into trouble with someone or something. Dan fell afoul of the law at an early age. I hope that you will avoid falling afoul of the district manager. She can be a formidable enemy. I hope I don't run afoul of your sister. She doesn't like me.
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fall foul of

come into conflict with and be undermined by.
2004 Sunday Business Post Australia's biggest wine-maker, Foster's Group, is the latest company to fall foul of the wine surplus, which is set to continue for at least two years.
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fall foul of ˈsb/ˈsth

do something which gets you into trouble with somebody/something: They fell foul of the law by not paying their taxes.Try not to fall foul of Mr. Jones. He can be very unpleasant.
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But Tenby mayor Trevor Hallett is hoping the crop won't fall foul of a second freezing patch.
We don't want to scaremonger but lavish corporate hospitality could fall foul of the new legislation.
Two Chinese singers have become the first people in the country to fall foul of new rules banning lip-synching nearly two years after widespread criticism of miming at the Beijing Olympics' opening ceremony.
At the same time we will be helping honest local traders to ensure they do not fall foul of the provisions.
A 13-year-old boy has become the latest player to fall foul of golfing red tape.
On the question of a female Archbishop of Canterbury, likely to be strongly opposed by many Anglicans in Africa and Asia, he said that the churcla would fall foul of Britain's Sex Discrimination Act if its highest post were denied to women.
CHECK you are properly insured if taking your car abroad as many British drivers fall foul of foreign motoring rules, claim the British Insurance Brokers' Association.
The insurance pool, led by German insurer Allianz AG, is said to be considering closing the pool because of fears that it may fall foul of European Union competition rules.
Promising recruits who fall foul of the armed forces' strict drugs rules will be offered the course as an alternative to being sacked.
Nurses risk breaking patient confidentiality but could fall foul of police if they don't report drugs.
I don't follow it or go on it but if they fall foul of the rule then it may make then think twice next time.
SMALL firms have been warned that their websites could fall foul of new EU rules governing the use of cookies.
A weekly update on players who fall foul of officialdom Suspensions apply from Monday, April 19, 2010 LUKE WHITWORTH 1st Bangor 2 STEPHEN YOUNG Albert Foundry 1 ANDREW FORSYTHE Ballyclare Comrades 1 JAMES McLAUGHLIN Ballymena United Reserves 2 JASON GOURLEY Banbridge Rangers 1 BOWERS/RAFFERTY Bloomfield 1 SIMON MELLON Crewe United Youth 2 CHRISTOPHER MORROW Desertmartin 1 LIAM BRADLEY Donegal Celtic 1 THOMAS MATTHEWS Dundonald 6 MCMURRAY/STEWART East Belfast 1 WILLIAM WAIDE Islandmagee 1 SAMMY WALLACE Killyleagh YC 1 CIARAN FOX Lurgan Celtic 1 PAUL PRIGENT Malachians 2 PETER CORR Malachians 1 DARREN MURRAY Newington YC 2 KRISTOPHER HUNTER PSNI 1 STUART HARPER Queen's University 1 ANDREW MOORE Richhill 1 MARK CRAWFORD Wakehurst 2
2bn e-Borders programme will fall foul of EU rules and should be put on hold before a legal ruling, the Home Affairs Select Committee said.