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Quote: "I haven't created any controversy, I don't sleep around, I don't go and fall down drunk.
With two hours still to go before the first, not a single woman has been seen to fall down drunk.
In the film, he showed young men swigging bottles of red wine until they fall down drunk.
Mr Powell's devastated son John said: 'Never at any point did I see my father fall down drunk and there is no way he would have been dangerous at the train station.
Fall down drunk and spend a year at Betty Ford, and you will be embraced upon your return.
I'd eat in expensive restaurants, drink (albeit in moderation) at exclusive bars and if I wanted to fall down drunk one night I'd make sure I did it away from the prying eyes of the public or from any video camera wielding mates.
As the song says: "Give mea little drink from your loving cup, just one drink and I'll fall down drunk.