fall by

fall by (some amount)

[for an asset] to drop in value by a certain amount. The gas stocks fell by nearly 1.0 percent today. If the stock market falls by four hundred points, I'm going to jump off a cliff.
See also: by, fall
References in classic literature ?
And thus, by changing the situation of the stone, as often as there is occasion, the island is made to rise and fall by turns in an oblique direction, and by those alternate risings and fallings (the obliquity being not considerable) is conveyed from one part of the dominions to the other.
Stretch your summer favorites into fall by layering a tee over a thin hoodie, and pair your mini with snuggly shearling boots.
VoiceCon Fall has already received support from the industry through commitments from top industry leaders who have affirmed their support for VoiceCon Fall by participating as exhibitors, such as 2005 VoiceCon Spring Diamond Sponsor NEC.