fall beneath

fall beneath (something)

To drop underneath something. The baby's crying because her toy fell beneath the couch.
See also: beneath, fall

fall beneath something

to drop under something. The thimble fell beneath the sofa. The gift that Bob had purchased for Maggie fell beneath the wheels of a truck.
See also: beneath, fall
References in classic literature ?
He would see me fall beneath the spell of your charms, and then he, your master, would direct my destiny and--my end.
Unable to endure the smoke-suffocation, they rushed out to fall beneath the arrows.
I am to remain on this gaudy platforna on which my miserable deception has been so long acted, and it is to fall beneath me when you give the signal?
It is no disgrace to fall beneath the superhuman strength of Tarzan of the Apes.
Would, by Father Jove, Minerva, and Apollo, that I had among them ten more such councillors, for the city of King Priam would then soon fall beneath our hands, and we should sack it.
Mergers among such companies are likely to fall beneath the radar of the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice, "resulting in near-monopolies of generic drug markets with minimal if any public scrutiny.
he'd take then totter and fall beneath the firs, if he had found
Remi Garde set the standard for Arsene Wenger proteges - now it's up to me to make sure I don't fall beneath his mark.
He knows that, if a new election is held, not only will the "theater of violence" for which the HDP is and will continue to be blamed be utterly helpful in making the HDP fall beneath the 10 percent barrier, but so will the discrediting and, he may be hoping, the blocking of DemirtaE-, meaning the three parties may "loot" the vote, with the AKP getting the lion's share.
In Kirklees, we fall beneath this figure, mainly because of gaps in service provision.
Cordray said, "We are considering proposing a rule intended to create a more consistent threshold by requiring all banks and nonbanks that meet certain conditions to report if they make 25 or more loans in a year, but exempting those that fall beneath that proposed threshold.
Given few exceptions, it's unlikely to fall beneath the PS30,000-a-week mark, which instantly breaks the club's pay structure.
Analysing the percentage of visitors for whom page elements fall beneath the fold or off to one side is difficult, so we've created a visualisation that lets you quickly determine which portions of your page are visible to which percentages of visitors," Yahas wrote.
While we all, as citizens, can have a personal view as to the science, the citizens of the Marshall Islands or the Maldives, the first nations likely to fall beneath the waves, need to see governments acting responsibly, guided by the science, to try to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.
It said the period of weak growth would leave the UK's output gap - the amount the economy's production levels fall beneath its potential - will increase in coming months.