fall below

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fall below something

to drop to a lower level than something. The temperature has fallen below freezing again. When the audience fell below two hundred a night, they closed the play.
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But, to ensure its initial public offer went ahead, Air China reduced its offer by nearly 40 percent to USD$575 million and pledged to buy back up to 600 million shares if they fall below the IPO price by the year-end.
and Los Angeles fall below NAEP's basic reading level.
Current trends suggest that Japan's jobless rate could fall below 4 percent by early 2006, so that inflation is expected to pick up after mid-2006.
The third fall below the range after June 2 and 3 is expected to increase speculation that the BOJ will lower the target for its quantitative easy-money policy, financial market participants said.
MNR reports indicate wood supply for the major species group is expected to fall below the current level of industrial demand in the near future.
Even more distressing is the number of full time workers with severe disabilities who fall below the poverty line.
The program's testing protocol requires that VOC emissions per square meter fall below 500 micrograms within 96 hours of installation.
Over 100 suppliers have signed up to Sainsbury's Alerts and Resolution Management (ARM) system, which automatically emails them when on-shelf availability, or depot stock cover, fall below pre-set boundaries.
For each vehicle made in North America, production was forecasted based on a "pessimistic" scenario (less that a 10% probability that actual production would fall below that level), an "optimistic" scenario (less than 10% probability production would be better), and a "most-likely" forecast.
The Department of Corrections had adopted the minimum standards established in the New York City Health Code: between October 1 and May 31st between 0600 and 2200 hours a temperature of at least 68 degrees F when outside temperatures fall below 55 degrees F, and between 2200 and 0600 at least 55 degrees F if the outside temperature falls below 40 degrees F.
Vice Finance Minister Toshiro Muto said Thursday he is taking a wait-and-see approach toward the stock market, refusing to be affected by daily movements in referring to the benchmark Nikkei Stock Average's fall below the critical 12,000 line.
ETAP hopes oil production in 2000 would not fall below 66,000 b/d.
Because of rising interest rates, the value of certain securities held by the money market funds declined, causing the NAV of each fund to fall below $1.
Collars are a combination of a cap and a floor, whereby one party pays the other ira certain price moves above the cap price in exchange for possible payments when prices fall below the floor price.
While the estimated costs exceed those of past studies, the fatality figures fall below those cited in earlier reports, Shah says.