fall back on

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fall back on (someone or something)

To depend on someone or something that one has kept in reserve. With all of these medical bills, I just don't have any more money to fall back on.
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fall back on(to) someone or something

1. . Lit. to fallback-wards onto someone or something. She stumbled and fell back onto the lady behind her. She fell back on the couch.
2. Fig. to begin to use someone or something held in reserve. We fell back on our savings to get us through the hardtimes. We had to fall back on our emergency generator.
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fall back on

Also, fall back upon. Rely on, have recourse to, as in I fall back on old friends in time of need, or When he lost his job he had to fall back upon his savings. [Mid-1800s]
See also: back, fall, on
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But in this case, because this rule is the first one, there is no superseding rule to fall back upon, the Fed pointed out.
net quoted the 27-year-old fast bowler, as saying that his father wanted to make sure that he had something to fall back upon before he took up the game of cricket.
The women left behind were illiterate and needed legal help, as they had no one to fall back upon.
The OPEC swing producer Saudi Arabia announced its budget late December with no expenditure cuts, as they have large financial reserves to fall back upon.
Another reason is because civil administrations are not capable of effectively playing their role in rescue and relief operations, the government has to fall back upon military to do the JOB.
His Armagh counterpart Kieran McGeeney has it, with six years of experience with Kildare to fall back upon.
The current state of professional boxing can be gauged by the fact that the sport had to fall back upon two fading stars, well past their prime.
Only if those parties fail to pay would we need to fall back upon insurers for recovery.
Maybe what's really getting us all down is that, this time, with so many individual errors adding up to our early exit, there were no hard-luck stories to fall back upon.
With no travel agent to fall back upon for advice (or legal redress), it's crucial that travelers shop around before investing their vacation time and money in such a trip.
With both the openers flourishing, Kumar Sangakkara was forced to fall back upon Sanath Jayasuriya's left- arm spin.
Boasting just four Premiership players - compared to the 10 Champions League regulars England had in their starting XI - their sole aim was to keep a clean sheet, and once that failed there was no Plan B to fall back upon.
According to Kogut, "As a new institution with no legacy system to fall back upon should an implementation project go awry, we recognized that SCT Banner was a proven solution that would meet our needs, especially as it is used by UC Davis, one of our sister campuses.
And Mary, 42, has her husband of 17 years, Joe O'Reilly, to fall back upon.
Having enjoyed the excuse of bad weather to fall back upon in early season, maybe it was the inclemency of the elements over the past four days at Kidderminster that put a dark cloud over their whole display against Martyn Moxon's Durham.