fall away toward

fall away toward (something)

To move in a downward direction toward something. The hill fell away toward the narrow road below.
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fall away toward something

to slant downward toward something. The yard fell away toward the shore of the lake. The broad expanse of prairie land fell away toward the river bottomland, and beyond that, the river itself.
See also: away, fall, toward
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They all flitted into the hunt only to fall away towards the end of a marathon tournament.
The " 's have been a pale shadow of the side which led the table for much of last season, only to fall away towards the end and lose in the play-off final on penalties to Rotherham.
Yet they did well at the beginning of the second half but with Hoppers taking two strikes against the head, which brought a try for Craig Steel, Bailey's conversion gave his side a 20-point cushion Orrell began to fall away towards the end.
The Addicks are famed for their tendency to fall away towards the end of the