fall at

fall (down) at something

to prostrate oneself before or at the feet of someone or something. She fell down at the feet of the horrid man who held her child. She fell at his feet.
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Hector made him no answer, but rushed onward to fall at once upon the Achaeans and kill many among them.
Our study showed that our patients were more likely to experience their most recent fall at home rather than outside the home.
One of the most important limitations of this study's findings is that predicting future falls based on previous falls requires the person to fall at least once.
* Of the 1.5 million nursing home residents nationwide, approximately 50% fall at least once each year.
Thus, says Marvin, "the fall at Siena began a line of investigations that led to acceptance of Chladni's hypothesis in 1802--a full year before the famous showers of 3,000 stones in Normandy.
Aug 12, 2003: National Hunt rider Kieran Kelly died four days after suffering severe head injuries in a fall at Kilbeggan
Nov 14, 1986: Jayne Thompson, 22, died six days after sustaining severe head injuries in a fall from Hot Betty at Catterick May 10, 1986: Michael Blackmore died after being kicked after a fall at Market Rasen