fall all over

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fall all over (one)

To give one an inordinate amount of attention, affection, or praise. I can't stand the way everyone falls all over her whenever she walks into the room. I know that it's a petty problem, but having fans falling all over me wherever I go has gotten pretty tiresome.
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fall all over (oneself)

To expend an inordinate amount of energy or effort to do something, especially as a means of gaining attention or approval. John is such a brownnoser, falling all over himself to impress the teacher. My parents fell all over themselves trying to seem cool to me and my friends. It was pretty embarrassing, to be honest.
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fall all over someone

Fig. to give a lot of attention, affection, or praise to someone. My aunt falls all over me whenever she comes to visit. I hate for someone to fall all over me. It embarrasses me.
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