fait accompli

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fait accompli

A decision that has already been made or something that has already been accomplished or completed. The decision by the CEO to close 50 of the company's stores came as a fait accompli to the rest of the management team, who were powerless to stop it. Failing this class is not a fait accompli—you have the ability to study and bring up your grade!
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a ˌfait accomˈpli

(from French) something that has already happened or been done and that you cannot change: We got married secretly and then presented our parents with a fait accompli.
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fait accompli, a

A deed or action already completed. The term is French for “accomplished action” and was adopted into English in the early nineteenth century. The French critic Nicolas Boileau, exponent of the classical style, may have been one of the first to popularize the term in French, in his treatise L’Art poétique (1674), expounding the classic unities of drama: “Qu’en un lieu, qu’en un jour, un seul fait accompli tienne jusqu’ à la fin le théâtre rempli” (One place, one time, one single action will keep the audience in the theater to the end).
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(26) Faits accomplis have a long history in international politics, and in crisis bargaining in particular, but prior to recent research by Ahmer Tarar and Daniel Altman they were entirely untheorized.
As illustrated in the figure, faits accomplis can be gradualist or decisive, and coercive or noncoercive.
"Right now, the president's handling carries risks for new faits accomplis and certainly make it much more difficult to work for a solution of the Cyprus problem based on principles and the agreed framework," it added.
First would be instructing the Turkish seismic survey vessel Barbaros, which has been lurking off the north-eastern coast for a week, to enter Cyprus's EEZ "aimed at creating a climate of tension and intimidation, questioning the sovereignty of our country and creating new faits accomplis", the sources said.
"It constitutes yet another deliberate act of provocation by Turkey aimed at further consolidating its effective political and economic control over the occupied part of Cyprus, deepening the existing division and creating new faits accomplis on the ground," the letter said.
In a written statement he said it has been "a long standing position of Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades that any action taking place during the Cyprus talks aiming to establish faits accomplis is unacceptable and will lead to not reaching a solution."
"It's 31 years since Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership made their illegal unilateral declaration of the pseudo-state, in the framework of their policy to make permanent and to legitimise the faits accomplis of the illegal Turkish invasion and occupation, and for the division of Cyprus," said Christodoulides in a written statement, highlighting that the UN Security Council condemned the declaration, characterising it as legally invalid and calling upon all states not to recognise the pseudo-state.
"Since 1974, Turkey has implemented a systematic policy of colonization of the occupied part of Cyprus, from which it expelled approximately 170.000 Greek Cypriots, in an attempt to change the demographic character of the island and create faits accomplis," a Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release says.
This completely suits Turkey since it is exploiting the passage of time to consolidate the occupation faits accomplis on the ground, even more so when it is almost certain that in the event of such a development the international community will also apportion responsibilities on the Greek Cypriot side.
"We faced decisions that had already been taken and came across faits accomplis through which we were faced with the following dilemmas:
The president added that "the continuing influx of illegal settlers in Cyprus, the usurpation of Greek Cypriot properties and new faits accomplis to establish a separate illegal state are the greatest dangers facing the country at present".
"As a result, situations become faits accomplis in relation to the Republic's obligation to pay expenses," Yorkadji said.
The subsequent faits accomplis of this act threaten the survival of Cypriot Hellenism in its ancestral lands and the unity of its historical space.
This attitude has brought about "faits accomplis", which have undermined the prospect of reunification.