fairy godmother

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fairy godmother

1. In children's fairy tales, a woman with magical powers who appears in order to help others in their time of need. Cinderella's fairy godmother helped her get ready for the ball so she could meet Prince Charming.
2. Someone who helps others with their problems, usually providing financial assistance. Thank you so much for helping me with my car repair bill! You are my fairy godmother.
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fairy godmother

A generous benefactor, as in An anonymous fairy godmother donated the money for the new organ. This expression alludes to a stock character in fairy tales such as Cinderella, who gives unexpected and much needed assistance. [Late 1800s]
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a fairy godmother

A fairy godmother is a person, especially a woman, who helps someone a lot. When I began in the business, the woman I regarded as my fairy godmother was Sybil Thorndike. Our country needs a fairy godmother to pay its debts.
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a/your ˌfairy ˈgodmother

a person who helps you unexpectedly when you most need help: You’ll need a fairy godmother to get you out of your present difficulties.The fairy godmother is the magical character in the story of Cinderella who helps Cinderella go to the ball.
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Donna Van Vuuren, a South African mum with an autistic child, relies heavily on fairy godmother Lorraine Davis.
That's where fairy godmothers Nicole Rivera, Monique Crispe, Lydia Rojas and Mia Arredondo come in.
The fairy godmothers have talked to enough of them to know that.
Now all the fairy godmothers had to do was reach out to high school Cinderellas who wanted to go to the prom but couldn't afford the expense.
Next week, the fairy godmothers will stop by Monroe and the other schools to lay out the gowns they have collected for some of the girls to chose from.
With so many high school proms coming up starting next month, the fairy godmothers don't have a lot of time to fill all the orders they think will come from Cinderellas eager to attend the ball.
So, if you've got a prom dress hanging in the closet and want to see it come to life again - on another young girl who hopes to knock the socks off Prince Charming - give the fairy godmothers a call at (818) 891-9399.
The book reveals the secret that the fairy godmothers of long ago yearned to tell all children.
Daily News: Do you, like the character you play in ``A Simple Wish,'' think fairy godmothers exist?
Murray can barely swing this one, let alone save all the other fairy godmothers from the maniacal designs of Claudia, which, due to his own incompetence, he has to.
As our bumbling hero Murray, the world's first male fairy godmother, Martin Short's tricks aren't much neater.