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fair-weather fan

A person who is supportive of and enthusiastic about a sports team only when that team is performing well. I've been rooting for the home team in their playoff run, but I'll admit I'm just a fair-weather fan.
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fair-weather friend

Someone who remains a friend only when things are going well but abandons others during times of trouble or difficulty. I thought Allison and I had a strong friendship, but I learned she was just another fair-weather friend when she stopped talking to me after my divorce.
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fair-weather friend

Fig. someone who is your friend only when things are pleasant or going well for you. Bill stayed for lunch but he wouldn't help me with the yard work. He's just a fair-weather friend. A fair-weather friend isn't much help in an emergency.
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fair-weather friend

A person who is dependable in good times but is not in times of trouble. For example, You can't rely on Sarah-she's strictly a fair-weather friend. This expression likens fair weather to good times. [Early 1700s]
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At least, that's who he is when he's not delving into the problems facing the farcical fantasy firm of Fairweather, Winters & Sommers.
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This is especially the case when higher education finds itself in what Fairweather calls "The New Economy," one in which he feels colleges and universities ought to be more centrally positioned.
And Carlton Fairweather warns: "Some people may be having a laugh at our expense, but I can tell you we will not lie down and let England walk all over us.
Another concept from the psychiatric rehabilitation field of this era was the Fairweather Lodge, developed by George Fairweather in Northern California.
Industry veterans like Jim Fairweather, who ran video conferencing sales at HP and Polycom and was the driving force behind multiple $30M+ deals, and Mark Reid, who led video conferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration engineering teams, keenly understand the architectural shift that Vidyo is driving in the market.
We did better in the second half of both games but we can't keep giving away goals as it's leaving us with a mountain to climb," said Fairweather.
Fairweather, who idolised serial killers such as Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, mouthed "I don't give a sh*t" as he was sentenced yesterday.
Fairweather made no reaction throughout the hearing, but mouthed to his parents in court as he was sent down.
For 14 months the people of Colchester were in a state of "fear and anxiety" until Fairweather was caught.
James Fairweather was just 15 when he knifed James Attfield and Nahid Almanea to death in two horrific attacks in Colchester, Essex, which terrified the local community.
Finance boss Carol Fairweather said they had "never been better prepared" for the festive frenzy, helped by a big bucks ad blitz.
Fairweather LLC opened a new fully enclosed, heated jetway at the Deadhorse Aviation Center (DAC), serving passengers traveling to and from Alaska's North Slope via the DAC.
is year it runs from Friday, May 8 to Sunday, May 10 May and "e Atkinson is providing four headlining gigs across the weekend from wellknown names of the genre including James Morton Quartet Ft: Pee Wee Ellis, Digby Fairweather and Craig Milverton to Riot Jazz Brass Band and the Joshua Cavanagh-Brierley Group.
John Fairweather, a tailor of 50 years - the last 12 of them at Carl Stuart Menswear - was recommended to TV producers by contacts at textile merchants Dugdale Brothers.