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Rather, the point is that the central argument they make against fairness depends on this stronger thesis.
The Fairness Doctrine arose from the idea imbedded in the First Amendment that the wide dissemination of information from diverse and even antagonistic sources is essential to the public welfare and to a healthy democracy.
Over the past two years, at least 12 new fairness out-of-tube brands have entered the market, taking the number of fairness creams to more than 30.
I did not write my original paper as a comment on Berliant, Thomson, and Dunz (1992), or any other specific paper, or on the fairness literature in general; rather, I hoped to make an independent contribution to this literature with a clear and convincing demonstration that the absence of envy does not imply fairness, even in the most straightforward case.
A fairness opinion affirms that the merger or sale transaction is financially fair to the company's shareholders," says Gordon.
are searching for strategies to strengthen a perception of fairness and equity throughout the conversion process, including the pricing of the IPO.
99, page 44) gave a false and very dangerous impression to JofA readers about the risks of preparing fairness opinions.
And in all fairness, I must acknowledge that the Nord-Haynes book contains a great deal of useful material, cautions against indoctrination, and makes a case for expanding teaching about religion in public schools.
A literal reading suggest procedural compliance affords absolute insulation from judicial scrutiny, but case law indicates the court may reach the substantive fairness of the conflict transaction.
Most of all, I want to bring back a feeling of fairness in Scottish society.
Tacically, it makes sense to many gays to focus on fairness instead of faith.
We believe the use of so-called bounty hunters by local jurisdictions in Virginia could deprive taxpayers of due process and significantly undermine the public's perception of the tax system's fairness.
In spite of the fact that Failing at Fairness takes a long, hard, and often painful look at the ways in which the subtle and pervasive influences of sexism in America's schools cheat our sisters and daughters out of their academic birthrights, I didn't find the Sadkers' book depressing or overwhelming.
Fairness (or perceived fairness) is probably the single most important attribute that a schedule can have.
But Luebke explains that modernizers are not fundamentally committed to economic fairness.
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