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in (all) fairness (to one)

In justification of one or one's actions; in defense of one. I know his remarks are controversial, but, in all fairness to him, they're grounded in pretty concrete scientific evidence. In fairness, I did try to warn her about the implications of a deal like that, but I still should have done more to stop it from happening.
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in (all) ˈfairness (to somebody)

used to introduce a statement that defends somebody who has just been criticized, or that explains another statement that may seem unreasonable: In all fairness to him, he did try to stop her leaving.
See also: fairness
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preparation of the Fairness Opinions and the Opinion on Process.
will present the Fairness Opinions and the Opinion on Process, including the fairness
In terms of sporting event tickets, fairness perceptions may be influenced by factors such as the source of the ticket (i.
1986), perceptions of fairness influence actions; therefore, profit-maximizing firms will consider these perceptions in business decisions such as pricing.
This study, first defines the traffic model and the quality of instantaneous fairness in a heterogeneous traffic environment, and introduces a new simple new index for instantaneous fairness.
Judges completed the "One Day in Three Years" educational requirement for state court judges, who are required to attend a day-long session on fairness and diversity within their first three years on the bench.
FCC (in which Douglas did not participate, having missed oral arguments), the Supreme Court already strongly had validated the Fairness Doctrine.
Conclusions Unwarranted cosmetic use of TCs with or without fairness creams is quite common in facial dermatoses resulting in steroidal dermatitis resembling rosacea.
The results demonstrate that service fairness, service quality and price fairness perception are valid and reliable for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.
British courts should be empowered to scrutinise the fairness of costs tucked away in small print, the Law Commission and the Scottish Law Commission said.
According to a research team involving Queen Mary, University of London (UK), a sense of fairness is an important part of human behaviour, yet it did not evolve from our closest living relatives.
All enterprises wish to set a price that maximizes their profit but fairness is a constraint on profit seeking (Kahneman, Knetsch, & Thaler, 1986b).
Since the 2008 financial meltdown and the earlier enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), there has been an ever-increasing outcry from the public for greater corporate transparency, accountability, and fairness.
LIB Dem leader David Faulkner hopes the introduction of a Fairness Commission in Newcastle proves to be more than a "gimmick".
Notions of fairness occupy a prominent position in the law generally, and in assessing the validity of transactions and the need for their regulation, in particular.
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