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in (all) fairness (to one)

In justification of one or one's actions; in defense of one. I know his remarks are controversial, but, in all fairness to him, they're grounded in pretty concrete scientific evidence. In fairness, I did try to warn her about the implications of a deal like that, but I still should have done more to stop it from happening.
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in (all) ˈfairness (to somebody)

used to introduce a statement that defends somebody who has just been criticized, or that explains another statement that may seem unreasonable: In all fairness to him, he did try to stop her leaving.
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In principle, 802.11 DCF provides instantaneous fairness. Every time the network decides who will access the link, all nodes with data to transmit compete in a memory-less and fair manner: a pause in the past creates neither favor nor disfavor.
Many researches have defined a fairness index, and Jain's Index [16] and the Relative Fairness Bound [17] are representative examples.
Judges completed the "One Day in Three Years" educational requirement for state court judges, who are required to attend a day-long session on fairness and diversity within their first three years on the bench.
Radar 4.5 includes an evaluation library component to help insurers assess their pricing choices against several measures of fairness - such as fairness through unawareness, the quota system and conditional group parity - and determine whether or not their prices adhere to or violate any of those particular metrics within their portfolio.
The developmental roots of fairness: Infants' reactions to equal and unequal distributions of resources.
The investor normally offers a higher price per share than the company's stock price, which is determined by a third party fairness opinion provider.
In its current form, the fairness evaluation tool works for classification models, which are used, for example, to determine whether or not to grant a loan to an applicant.
In correcting for fairness, there may be a decline in the model's accuracy, and the tool illustrates any change in accuracy that may result.
The paper contributes to the discussion of the overall conception of how to perceive and study intergenerational fairness. However, by defining and conceptualizing intergenerational fairness, special attention is paid towards the possibility to investigate this topic in a cross-country perspective as to seek for better and worse welfare state policies in terms of supporting intergenerational fairness.
'ReeBonn Fairness Body Lotion' is rich with herbal essence, vitamins E and B with many more ingredients that protect the skin from Ultraviolet Rays and gives the triple effect of brightness, softness and the glow.
[2] pointed out that fairness is an important factor in determining the channel relationship quality and cooperation performance.
This is much more so when the members in a supply chain have fairness preference and different bargaining power.
The individual and interactive roles of reference price and fairness, and consumer familiarity with demand-based pricing in general, have not been examined within the sport ticket purchase process.
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