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The actual rate exceeded the fairest rate in every year from 1934 through 1983.
If money is available for tax reductions then making tax credits refundable would be the fairest and best option to take.
07pm: 11-4 Darian Star, 3 Droopys Fern, Missy Kissy, 9-2 Farloe Smurfette, 5 Chevy Blazer, 10 Fairest Royal.
A spokesman for BIS said its strategy provided "the fairest possible allocation".
We set forward approaches which we felt would be the fairest way to do that.
Walsh defended his decision to force the show to an audience vote as "the fairest option.
Fairest Picture is the book Mark Twain fans and Lake Tahoe enthusiasts have longed for.
The Islamic group controls nearly 50% of the seats in the new parliament, by far the single largest bloc to emerge from Egypt's freest and fairest elections in decades.
Kris Fairest has been riding the waves at Saltburn beach for the past four-and-a-half years.
The Fairest Portion of the Globe" uses the backdrop of the chaotic time of the late eighteenth century, where France was torn apart by revolution, and America was only in infancy, One French revolutionary is not happy about the purchase, and seems to be intent on taking back Louisiana by any means necessary for France.
Summary: Thierry Henry has admitted replaying the World Cup qualification play-off against the Republic of Ireland would be "the fairest solution".
Certainly an overlay would be the fairest way to implement a new area code.
THE fairest pantomime of them all comes to Darlington Civic Theatre from Friday, December 7, to Sunday, January 20.
Glamorgan captain David Hemp admitted a draw against Northamptonshire was the fairest result in an intriguing LV County Championship match of dramatically changing fortunes.