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can't say fairer than that

Cannot offer or propose a better deal. This offer includes a 20 percent discount, and I've waived all the fees. I can't say fairer than that. I'll even drive you there. You can't say fairer than that, can you?
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the fair(er) sex

Females. The term has come to be considered inappropriate due to its emphasis on the physical appearance of women and girls. Did he just say "members of the fairer sex"? I feel like I'm in a Victorian novel.
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you can’t say ˈfairer (than ˈthat)

(British English, spoken) used to say that you think the offer you are making is reasonable or generous: Look, I’ll give you £100 for it. You can’t say fairer than that.
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Those with the broadest shoulders must bear a fairer share of burden ED BALLS ON RESTORING LABOUR RATE FOR RICH
In Huddersfield we're urging people to be cautious, and to looK at fairer sources of money instead of using loan SHARKs.
executive director Richard Lloyd said: "While these new rules will help make the market simpler and fairer it's hugely disappointing to see the regulator sticking to its fundamentally flawed idea of how energy prices should be presented.
There are calls to introduce the alternative voting (AV) system, which supporters say would make elections fairer by making sure that the MPs representing the public received at least 50% of the votes.
We are setting up a Middlesbrough group boro4av on behalf of the ERS and would invite anyone who supports fairer votes to get in touch through our website http://boro4av.
Summary: Only the Liberal Democrats have the "big ideas" to shape a fairer society, according to the manifesto the party will launch later.
However, between April, 2003, when fairer charging should have been brought in, and February, 2006, when fairer charging was actually introduced at 'in-house' supporting living units in Wirral, the charges were probably unreasonable, so far as the charges exceeded what would have been levied under fairer charging.
It's true that the SNP has frozen the council tax with a view of abolishing it and replacing it with a fairer income-based tax that would help pensioners and those on low incomes.
The Fabian Society said there were strong arguments for an inheritance tax, but said the Government needed to reform the current system to make it fairer and tackle tax avoidance.
A PURGE on GCSE coursework will make the system fairer and give children from deprived homes a better chance of showing their abilities, according to one of Coventry's main teaching unions.
FAIRER competition laws for small business passed the Parliament last night, levelling the playing field so small businesses can compete, Small Business Minister Michael McCormack says.
She said: "We are doing everything possible to create a more equal Scotland and our Fairer Scotland Action Plan features 50 concrete actions to tackle poverty.
Getting a better and fairer deal on financial products and services could become a lot simpler now a consumer group called Fairer Finance has launched.