fair shake

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fair shake

Just treatment; a fair chance (to do something). When Tara negotiated with the salesman for a new car, she was afraid she wasn't getting a fair shake because she was a woman. I'm not asking for special treatment, just give me a fair shake at the tryouts.
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*fair shake

an instance of fair treatment. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) He's unpleasant, but we have to give him a fair shake. He got a fair shake from us. Don't worry!
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fair shake, a

An equitable bargain or opportunity, as in You can always count on the boss to give his crew a fair shake. This expression probably alludes to the shaking of dice. [Colloquial; early 1800s]
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a fair ˈshake

(American English, informal) a fair chance or fair treatment: This new pay deal means a fair shake for all the workers.
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fair shake

n. a fair chance. (From shaking dice.) I want to give you both a fair shake.
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Golden Boy Promotions released a statement outlining their reasons and chief executive Richard Schaefer has revealed they feared they would not get a fair shake at the hearing.
Jeremy may not know it, but his sister, Hope, is his only chance at getting a fair shake.
The 34-year-old American fighter interrupted Merchant during the in-ring post-fight interview on live television, saying: "You never give me a fair shake.
Because of his incredibly strong record on Israel, and because of the focus and the dramatic contrast between the Tea Party Republican candidates, who are wrong on all the issues Jews care aboutwrong on a woman's right to choose, wrong on health care, wrong on fighting to make sure everyone has a fair shake, wrong on civil rights and civil liberties.
Players are entitled to their expenses, they are entitled to a fair shake.
I think David has the power and speed to knock Klitschko out anyway and take it out of the judges' hands, but if it goes to the scorecards then I think the spotlight will really be on the judges after my fight and hopefully David will get a fair shake," said Macklin.
If you're an umpire you're meant to uphold the law so both teams get a fair shake.
It's not just about getting the best price it's about giving companies like these a fair shake of the stick.
Let's hope their next exhaustive examination gives humanist chapters, ethical culture congregations, atheist affiliates, and all the other secular societies out there a fair shake.
CHRIS TURNER was hoping Hartlepool receive a fair shake today when they face a Football League hearing which could have major implications for their season.
Since 1888 is just a single bock, we drank it before the double bocks to give it a fair shake, But even so, we found it on the light side for bock.
If you agree that we need to give Civic a fair shake, please contact members of the Eugene School Board or provide a three-minute public comment on Wednesday.
Dodd said he welcomed "constructive input from those in the financial services sector who share our commitment, by the way, to making sure that American families get a fair shake.
His topics include protecting the workers cleaning up the 20th-century mess, a fair shake and peer reviews, worker-to-worker training, and the political economy of labor's policy initiative and regulation.
In the August 18 issue of THE NEW AMERICAN, Ed Hiserodt doesn't give electric cars a fair shake in his article touting algae as a principal energy source for the future ("Algae May Be an Energy Answer").