fair play

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fair play

1. Observation of or conformity to the rules, as of a game or competition. The only way for this game to remain civilized is if there is fair play by both sides.
2. Fair, equal, and morally correct treatment or conditions. The government's tendency to favor wealthy citizens really undercuts the sense of fair play on which our country was founded.
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fair play (to you)

Well done! That's impressive! I heard you got a promotion—fair play to you! Fair play! I wouldn't have thought of doing that!
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fair play

Conformity to established rules; upright conduct and equitable conditions. For example, The coach insists on fair play. Shakespeare used this idiom in King John (5:2): "According to the fair play of the world, let me have audience." [Late 1500s] Also see turnabout is fair play.
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fair ˈplay

not breaking the rules or cheating; honest or correct behaviour: We want to see fair play in this competition.It may be legal, but it’s not fair play.
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Thus, the term Fair Play can be understood as playing or behaving according to the rules and in a just manner.
Financial Fair Play would be great, but if all clubs adhered to it, we wouldn't be watching the amazing talents we are at the moment.
Uefa insists, however, that FFP will stimulate competition, and a spokesman said: "Uefa is aware, that there are large differences between the comparative wealth of different clubs and countries, but financial fair play does not have financial equality as its objective.
Celtic currently lead the SPL Fair Play table, followed by Dundee United, with Motherwell and Dundee level in third.
It's very important for the fair play and the competition itself, that there's a playing field that we all feel we can compete in," the Northern Irishman (http://soccernet.
A statement released by The Premier League said: "Fulham FC has finished the season as the highest placed club in the 2010/11 Fair Play League that has not already qualified for Uefa competitions via the 2010/11 Barclays Premier League.
When fair play started in 1990, I got a kick from a guy against Cameroon that nearly took my head off and we had (Claudio) Caniggia getting a yellow card for something little.
Maradona, speaking a few hours before the tournament's opening match between hosts South Africa and Mexico, suggested that when the FIFA yellow Fair Play banner is carried on to the pitch before matches by a quartet of boys it should not remain an empty gesture.
What is so important about these Respect and Fair Play Awards is that they acknowledge those who play fair and encourage fair play - true sportsmen and women.
The CIFP awarded Abeylegesse, the first Turkish athlete ever to set a world record, with Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy, a prize given for a gesture of fair play.
The spot in the first qualifying round will go to the highest-placed team in the Premiership's own fair play chart who have not already secured European football next season.
NZNO industrial adviser Glenda Alexander said the Fair Play Campaign was as much about equity in the workplace as it was about pay.
FAIR PLAY could've been featured in our Military Shelf section--after all, it's by the former chief of CIA counterintelligence--but deserves a much broader reading audience than those who frequent military libraries.
As in election years past, Americans United in 2006 is ramping up its "Project Fair Play," a special effort to educate religious leaders about federal tax law and political activity.
Tottenham Hotspur missed out on a place in next season's Uefa Cup following a Fair Play draw at half-time of the opening match of the Women's European Championships.