fair play

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fair play

1. Observation of or conformity to the rules, as of a game or competition. The only way for this game to remain civilized is if there is fair play by both sides.
2. Fair, equal, and morally correct treatment or conditions. The government's tendency to favor wealthy citizens really undercuts the sense of fair play on which our country was founded.
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fair play (to you)

Well done! That's impressive! I heard you got a promotion—fair play to you! Fair play, I wouldn't have thought of doing that!
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fair play

Conformity to established rules; upright conduct and equitable conditions. For example, The coach insists on fair play. Shakespeare used this idiom in King John (5:2): "According to the fair play of the world, let me have audience." [Late 1500s] Also see turnabout is fair play.
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fair ˈplay

not breaking the rules or cheating; honest or correct behaviour: We want to see fair play in this competition.It may be legal, but it’s not fair play.
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Meanwhile, the Under-13 league champions were Bulkhaul with runners-up Hartlepool Premier and the Fair Play trophy was also taken by Bulkhaul.
In the girls' competitions, Bedlington Town Bulldogs prevailed at under-14 level ahead of Whitley Bay , who had the consolation of the Fair Play Award.
West Ham take that place as the highest ranked team in the Fair Play league not to have already qualified for Europe.
West Ham take up that place by virtue of being the highest ranked team in England's Fair Play league not to have already qualified for Europe via their final league position.
Financial Fair Play would be great, but if all clubs adhered to it, we wouldn't be watching the amazing talents we are at the moment.
Jean-Louis Dupont, part of the legal team that won the landmark Bosman ruling in the 1990s and who led the case that forced Fifa and Uefa to compensate clubs for players on international duty, claims financial fair play (FFP) will breach European competition law.
Meanwhile, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers agrees with the new Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, as (http://soccernet.
Chelsea were top of the Fair Play League but they already qualified for the Champions League by finishing second in the Premier League this season.
Maradona hopes that does not mean teams will cross the line in terms of their approach to dealing with either the diminutive playmaker or any other players, though, and called on FIFA to ensure fair play.
Diego Maradona, scorer of the infamous Hand of God goal in the finals of 1986, made a strong plea for fair play on the opening day of the World Cup on Friday.
William, president of the Football Association, welcomed the reduction of foul play at every level in football as he spoke at the Respect and Fair Play Awards ceremony.
ISTANBUL, Jan 18, 2010 (TUR) -- International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) has awarded Turkish track and field athlete Elvan Abeylegesse with a fair play prize, the committee said on Monday.
Fair play always has its reward, even when the game is lost.
LONDON: An additional English club will qualify for next season's Uefa Cup after England topped Europe's Fair Play rankings, Uefa said yesterday.
FAIR PLAY could've been featured in our Military Shelf section--after all, it's by the former chief of CIA counterintelligence--but deserves a much broader reading audience than those who frequent military libraries.