it's a fair cop

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it's/that's a fair cop

An admission of wrongdoing upon being caught. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. What can I say? It was a fair cop. They saw me dumping my rubbish right there in the alleyway.
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it's a fair cop

an admission that the speaker has been caught doing wrong and deserves punishment.
See also: cop, fair

it’s a fair ˈcop

(British English, spoken, humorous) used by somebody who is caught doing something wrong, to say that they admit that they are wrong: He just said, ‘it’s a fair cop’ and handed the bag to one of the policemen.
See also: cop, fair
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Alfie Moore honed his comedic skills on BBC Radio 4, where he writes and performs his own prime-time comedy show, It's a Fair Cop.
The former police sergeant, who performed a total sell-out run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year, turned into a stand-up comedian and became the star of BBC Radio 4 show It's A Fair Cop.
Fair cop, but it's always seemed more sensible to refer to the cars as FIAT 500 Abarths, as that way everyone knows which car we're talking about.
It's a fair cop - they're not top-four boys while chained to the Europa treadmill.
A Fair Cop is very different, and the material here is an area of criminology that deserves to be widely known.
The final result of 4-2 was a fair cop for the Betel FC players who each have a "criminal record the length of your arm".
It was a fair cop," said a spokesman for Durham Police.
Most of us have been guilty of overstaying our parking time, and if you get slapped with a ticket it's a fair cop.
An Edinburgh Fringe performer, he had his own Radio 4 series, It's a Fair Cop.
Police will have only themselves to blame if the public wonder whether there's such a thing as a fair cop.
She's a fair cop A female riot cop in Poland has thanked Irish football fans at Euro 2012 for making her an internet star.
Judge Les Spittle told Thomas: "Instead of saying it was a fair cop and putting your hands up, off you go.
As with the fair cop, ministers who have demonstrated palpable failure in carrying out their duties simply do not countenance resignation as the honourable course to take.