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Fairly hast thou won the fat steers," said the Sheriff, "and "hereunto I will add a butt of good March beer, for joy of having gotten such a man; for, I wot, thou shootest as fair a shaft as Robin Hood himself.
At the upper end of the Fair Ground, in Wines- burg, there is a half decayed old grand-stand.
George and Helen climbed the hill to the Fair Ground, coming by the path past Waterworks Pond.
There is something memorable in the experience to be had by going into a fair ground that stands at the edge of a Middle Western town on a night after the annual fair has been held.
At the upper end of the Fair Ground a half dozen men worked over horses that had raced during the after- noon.
Our work is done," whispered the Elves, and with blessings on the two fair flowers, they flew away to other homes;--to a blind old man who dwelt alone with none to love him, till through long years of darkness and of silent sorrow the heart within had grown dim and cold.
They whispered sweet words of comfort,--how, if the darkened eyes could find no light without, within there might be never-failing happiness; gentle feelings and sweet, loving thoughts could make the heart fair, if the gloomy, selfish sorrow were but cast away, and all would be bright and beautiful.
They brought light-hearted children, who gathered round him, making the desolate home fair with their young faces, and his sad heart gay with their sweet, childish voices.
Soon the bright hall was filled with smiling faces and fair forms, and little Eva, as she stood beside the Queen, thought she had never seen a sight so lovely.
Long they feasted, gayly they sang, and Eva, dancing merrily among them, longed to be an Elf that she might dwell forever in so fair a home.
Then Eva, looking through the drooping vines, beheld a garden filled with the loveliest flowers; fair as were all the blossoms she had seen in Fairy-Land, none were so beautiful as these.
The humblest flower that blooms has a home with us, for outward beauty is a worthless thing if all be not fair and sweet within.
TO DESIGN EFFECTIVE PROCEDURES FOR A FAIR VALUE audit, an auditor must be familiar with the expertise of personnel who performed the measurement, the assumptions they used, how they monitored and revised the assumptions over time and the involvement, if any, of external fair value specialists management may have engaged.
Industries that have used the job fair concept include insurance, hospitality, data processing, publishing, telecommunications, high technology, and retailing.
In addition to a number of job placements, the project produced some excellent materials to enable job fair sponsors in other locales to repeat the successful All Aboard experience.