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abysmal failure

Failure that is total and extreme in measure or implication. The business was an abysmal failure, and everyone was out of a job within a month.
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give (someone) heart failure

To shock, frighten, or upset someone suddenly and to an extreme degree. Often used with "nearly," "almost," or some similar modifier. Adrian almost gave his parents heart failure when he told them he was dropping out of college. You about gave me heart failure, sneaking up on me like that!
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failure to thrive

A medical term used to describe an infant or young child who has experienced delays in physical growth, for a variety of possible reasons. I'm a bit concerned about little Howie's failure to thrive, so I want you to bring him back the office next week for further examination.
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success has many fathers, failure is an orphan

People are quick to associate themselves with successful ventures and distance themselves from failures. A: "All the people who were so excited about this project in the beginning now act like they've never even heard of it." B: "Well, success has many fathers, failure is an orphan."
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give someone heart failure

Frighten or startle someone very much, as in You nearly gave me heart failure when you told me you were quitting. It is also put as have heart failure, meaning "be frightened or startled," as in I just about had heart failure when I heard about her accident. These hyperbolic terms allude to the life-threatening physical condition in which the heart fails to pump blood at an adequate rate or stops altogether. Also see heart misses a beat.
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Comparison of the chemistry of the rubber side (meaning the side of the failure originating on the rubber, not necessarily that rubber is at the surface) and the metal side helps to quickly determine if the failure is cohesive (same chemistry on both sides) or adhesive (each side has chemistry related to different layers of the structure).
As a result, most men internalized the dilemma of failure and created a success-oriented vocabulary of "real" Americans they could emulate: those "driving wheels," "self-made men," "business men," and "go-ahead men" who constituted the winners in American society.
4-7) Also, the etiology of deafness in these patients may be related to the premature aging induced by chronic renal failure.
A demographic failure generally can be corrected by adding new benefits, increasing the existing ones or expanding the coverage.
The most difficult challenge, specifically with geographically dispersed clusters, is to be able to distinguish between a communication failure between sites where the other site is still alive and a site failure where it is no longer available to run applications.
9]/L) platelet count for the severity of subsequent renal failure.
The American Heart Association (AHA) announced in March that exercise helps treat heart failure patients, provided they avoid sudden surges of adrenaline, and rest for a day in lieu of a workout if they are exhausted.
As a result, many of these students have established clear self-expectations for success or failure along with positive or negative self-concepts.
All too often, people tend not to try to do those things because they are chancy and consequently can lead us to failure.
It is similar in some respects to the outlined clinical approach and standardized outpatient evaluation method used at the Arizona Center on Aging to identify common problems causing failure to thrive.
6651(a)(1) and (2) and 6656(a), the Service imposes mandatory penalties for failure to file returns, pay taxes or deposit employment taxes in a government depository, unless a taxpayer can show that such failure was due to "reasonable cause" and not "willful neglect.
The report was based on an 18-month review of available data on the treatment of heart failure, including numerous clinical studies indicating that the use of ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers in combination with digitalis and diuretics can dramatically improve outcomes.
Researchers don't know what causes congestive heart failure.
For example, if an employer corrects the failure to notify certain employees of their right to participate in a 401(k) plan by making contributions to the plan on behalf of such employees, such contributions -- which the employer would not have been required to make had the employees been afforded the right to participate -- should be deemed a sufficient sanction.