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fag hag

offensive slang A woman who spends time with or has many gay male friends. The phrase is usually used in a derogatory way.
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the fag-end of (something)

The last and worst, worn-out, or worthless part of something, often a period of time. In this phrase, "fag" originates from a word for the frayed end of a rope of piece of cloth. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. It's the fag-end of the semester, so the students are done with their tests and uninterested in learning anything new.
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fag someone out

Sl. to tire someone out. All that work really fagged me out. The hard climb fagged the hikers out.
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fagged out

Sl. exhausted. I'm really fagged out after all that running. John, you sure look fagged out.
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1. n. a cigarette. Hey, pal, gimme a fag.
2. and faggot n. a homosexual. (Derogatory.) Who’s the fag with the fancy hat? Who’re you calling a faggot?
3. n. a repellent male. (Rude and derogatory.) You creepy fag. Stop it!

fag someone out

tv. to tire someone out. All that work really fagged me out.
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and fag-bashing
n. doing violence to homosexuals. (Usually objectionable.) He was involved in a fag-busting incident that got him kicked out of school. What’s this strange need you have for fag-bashing? What’s your problem?



fagged out

mod. exhausted. I’m really fagged out after all that running.
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The difference was the smokers went to the door, had a fag and came back in.
Kildare is also a fake fag hotspot with Newbridge, 41.
It's her "look" which is all wrong because for someone who prides herself on being cool, openly tugging on a fag is not cool at all.
Worryingly for Customs - who have 2,000 officers trying to halt the growing flood of pirate fags - Burrows and his bent mate were building an illegal cigarette factory IN BRITAIN.
Health professionals wanting to ban fags are not patronising the poor.
Dog and rat excrement was also discovered in the toxic fags which were also stuffed with plastic, dead insects and saw dust.
The Voice of an Angel had to be told three times to stub out her fag at the non-smoking stadium.
The news comes in the same week when smugglers DUMPED a massive quarter of a million fags at Belfast International Airport.
Lilly's dad, Shane Baker, 20, said he'd heard "gossip" about fags being harmful to unborn babies "but the scan results were showing different".
That's a shocking 373,302 fags or 18,665 packs for every smoker.
He doesn't seem to like fags very much, and he weaves all sorts of threats through his music about what he's gonna do to them when he meets them, which may be happening sooner than he thinks if any of these charges and allegations stick.
SMOKER Darren Corbett ditched the fags - but now has a 20-a-day Scampi Fries habit.
A BUTCHER'S shop is making a killing thanks to a new line - under-the-counter fags.
Since then I've witnessed femmes derided as "oppressive to women," soft gay boys ridiculed by macho gay men as "nelly fags," butches rejected as "male-identified," drag queens dismissed as "woman-hating," butchfemme lovers ostracized for "aping heterosexual stereotypes," transwomen rejected by cross-dressing groups for not being "really men," "pre-ops' rejected by "post-ops" for not being "really women," and more gays gender-bashed and gender-baited by bigots than I can count.
Trouble is, he had a fag at Eton, and once dependent on fags, always dependent on fags.