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1. slang A cigarette. Primarily heard in UK. Hey mate, I think he's outside smoking a fag.
2. offensive slang A shortening of "faggot," a derogatory term for a homosexual male.

fag bashing

offensive slang The act of attacking a male, either physically or verbally, for being homosexual. "Fag" is short for "faggot," a derogatory term for a homosexual male.
See also: bash, fag

fag hag

offensive slang A woman who spends time with or has many gay male friends. The phrase is usually used in a derogatory way.
See also: fag

fag out

1. To become exhausted or fatigued. I fagged out after climbing just a couple flights of stairs, so I knew it was time to start exercising more. I'd say we've only got a couple more hours before the horses fag out, so we'd better find a place to make camp soon.
2. To cause one to become exhausted or fatigued. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "fag" and "out." Whew, running all those errands totally fagged me out—I'm ready for a nap!
3. dated In school sports, especially cricket, to fetch stray balls at the behest of an older student. Primarily heard in UK. Percy always chooses an underclassman to come fag out for him at the cricket pitch.
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Tired or exhausted. Whew, I'm totally fagged-out from running all those errands—I'm ready for a nap!

the fag-end of (something)

The last and worst, worn-out, or worthless part of something, often a period of time. In this phrase, "fag" originates from a word for the frayed end of a rope of piece of cloth. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. It's the fag-end of the semester, so the students are done with their tests and uninterested in learning anything new.
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fag someone out

Sl. to tire someone out. All that work really fagged me out. The hard climb fagged the hikers out.
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fagged out

Sl. exhausted. I'm really fagged out after all that running. John, you sure look fagged out.
See also: fag, out
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1. n. a cigarette. Hey, pal, gimme a fag.
2. and faggot n. a homosexual. (Derogatory.) Who’s the fag with the fancy hat? Who’re you calling a faggot?
3. n. a repellent male. (Rude and derogatory.) You creepy fag. Stop it!

fag someone out

tv. to tire someone out. All that work really fagged me out.
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and fag-bashing
n. doing violence to homosexuals. (Usually objectionable.) He was involved in a fag-busting incident that got him kicked out of school. What’s this strange need you have for fag-bashing? What’s your problem?



fagged out

mod. exhausted. I’m really fagged out after all that running.
See also: fag, out
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Dude, You're a Fag provides persuasive proof that gender identity should not be seen as an expendable addition to employment nondiscrimination laws, nor as an auxiliary to gay liberation--an optional "T" in our GLBT community.
I'm talking about girls who top off their typical gay male haircuts with a little Pomade by Crew for Men; who pore over Details for the latest in gay male fashion; shop for club clothes the best "fag" clothing stores in the Castro; stay out dancing until 5 a.m.
"The Fake Fags Amnesty aims to inform smokers about the health risks and identify cigarettes where their illegitimacy is unknown.
Customers told us they had been buying their fags at the Bellshill butchers for some time.
Kildare is also a fake fag hotspot with Newbridge, 41.5%, coming in second and Leixlip, 32.2%, third.
I haven't had a puff in three weeks but feel it is a miracle as I don't even think about fags anymore and feel no different.
Dog and rat excrement was also discovered in the toxic fags which were also stuffed with plastic, dead insects and saw dust.
I'll be the first to admit that I decided to try quitting fags for New Year at the last minute.
SHAMELESS Charlie Wilcox put her unborn tot at risk of serious damage as she proudly puffed her way through 3,500 fags during her pregnancy.
Some try nicotine patches, gum or even hypnosis while others rely on willpower alone, but the majority of determined quitters are soon reaching for the fags again.
SMOKER Darren Corbett ditched the fags - but now has a 20-a-day Scampi Fries habit.
Chief Medical Officer Dr Mac Armstrong warns the girls against trying to "keep up with the lads" when it comes to booze and fags.
Since then I've witnessed femmes derided as "oppressive to women," soft gay boys ridiculed by macho gay men as "nelly fags," butches rejected as "male-identified," drag queens dismissed as "woman-hating," butchfemme lovers ostracized for "aping heterosexual stereotypes," transwomen rejected by cross-dressing groups for not being "really men," "pre-ops' rejected by "post-ops" for not being "really women," and more gays gender-bashed and gender-baited by bigots than I can count.
Trouble is, he had a fag at Eton, and once dependent on fags, always dependent on fags.
Lags will soon be left gasping for their fags - thanks to new smoking curbs in prisons.