fade into (something)

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fade into (something)

To slowly transition from one thing to another. The golden hues of sunlight faded into pink as the sun began to set.
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fade into something

to diminish or change into something. The light of dusk faded into blackness. In the corner of the painting, the deep reds faded into lavender.
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fade into

To gradually assume a new degree or quality of visibility, brightness, or color: Each scene of the movie fades into black before the next one starts.
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Compared with related works (Section 2), we present some new insights on how and why the randomness of fading may affect carrier sensing, rather than incorporating fading into models and simply making calculations.
First, many previous works focused on incorporating fading into CSMA models and getting accurate model prediction, but the interplay mechanism between interference and carrier sensing in fading channels was not thoroughly discussed, and the results might not be consistent sometimes, depending on the used network topologies or channel conditions.
And the fact that FC is a disruptive technology does not mean that it is fading into the financial community's sunset.
Those who believe that the technology is fading into the sunset have not done their homework.