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Scientists first documented this year's bleaching in late July, noting fadeouts near Florida's Looe Key and the Cayman Islands of the Caribbean.
EDINBURGH coach Todd Blackadder admitted to being filled with mixed emotions after watching his troops suffer a late fadeout against Llanelli.
Muir manager Dave Barr has called on his men to stick to the job for the full 80 minutes or risk another fatal fadeout.
The fit-again Scotland star insisted the Warriors can bounce back from their Pro12 fadeout in Wales to beat Ulster and book a home play-off semi-final.
6 announcement of the UIP fadeout, Universal and Paramount saluted their 24-year relationship.
Borders gave their fans a roller-coaster ride as they bounced back from another Celtic fadeout at Netherdale to triumph 40-29 against Connacht.
Dudley Hart, tenth here two years ago and right in the mix at Greensboro until a last-day fadeout, looks capable of outscoring Steve Lowery, who can go very low but is unpredictable.
For his part, Gunners No.2 Stevie Scott has insisted his troops have shaken off the rust and weariness he blamed for the fadeout in Lyon last weekend.
THE arrest of Slobodan Milosevic had the look of a fadeout scene in a third rate gangster movie.