facts of life

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fact of life

Something unpleasant that is accepted because it cannot be changed. Gloomy, rainy days are just a fact of life for the British.
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the facts of life

1. Something unpleasant that is accepted because it cannot be changed. Gloomy, rainy days are just one of the facts of life when you life in England.
2. A euphemism for lessons on sexual intercourse, as are typically taught to children or young adults. My mom talked to me about the facts of life this morning—it was so mortifying!
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facts of life

Knowledge of sexual reproduction, as in Some people feel that the facts of life should not be taught in school. [Late 1800s] Also see birds and the bees.
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facts of life

1. n. an explanation of human reproduction, especially as presented to a child. No one ever explained the facts of life to me. I read books about it.
2. n. the truth about life’s difficulties. You had better face up to the facts of life and get a job.
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Through Trail Blazers, Rashid and I could believe in the essential facts of life - for me the power of humans to influence one another and for Rashid a slippery playground shorn of fear and filled with wonder.
Most kids would rather get the financial facts of life at school anyway, it reports.
The world has woken up to the facts of life, and blues are about the facts of life, have been since the beginning.
COVENTRY born author Graham Joyce has started work on his next novel following publication of The Facts of Life last year.
After all, Nick at Nite had to make room for '80s vintage cornball shows like "Threes Company" and "The Facts of Life.
There was a time when the facts of life weren't discussed but we are now living in a much more open society.
The Facts of Life Human Life International, 1997, 404 pages, paperback, $26.
Death, illness, divorce, and unexpected job loss are facts of life.
And after using exotic settings such as Thailand and Jerusalem in previous books, his latest offering, The Facts of Life, is set in Coventry and explores the character of its citizens and how the city has always remodelled itself.
New evidence gathered by the Health Department blames fathers for not teaching their sons the facts of life.
If the real estate community has learned anything during the course of the past 12 years, since the introduction of the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), it has come to understand that pollution liability and environmental responsibility are now facts of life.
Bernard, menopause and andropause are facts of life, but that doesn't mean people have to suffer with uncomfortable symptoms.
He said: "I thought the facts of life were connected to this thing that was happening to me.