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dropout factory

A high school that has an unusually high number of students who leave school (drop out) before graduating. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. With so little funding going to public education these days, it's no wonder that so many schools are becoming dropout factories.
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factory farming

An inexpensive and efficient system of farming in which animals are fed for growth and kept in small pens. Can we implement a system that is more humane than factory farming?
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on the factory floor

1. In the primary part of a factory where goods are produced or assembled. They figured out that the defect had to do with a manufacturing error on the factory floor.
2. Working in that part of a factory. I spent nearly ten years on the factory floor before being offered a position in the management team.
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bone factory

1. n. a hospital. After about two months in the bone factory, I was back on the job.
2. n. a cemetery. I know I’ll end up in the bone factory just like everyone else.
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gargle factory

n. a saloon; a tavern. Gary spends a lot of time at the gargle factory.
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glue factory

n. the place where old horses are sent so their bones can be made into glue; a similar, imaginary place for people. I’m not as young as I used to be, but I’m not ready for the glue factory yet.
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and nut factory and nut-foundry and nuthatch
n. an insane asylum. The teacher spent three years in the nuthouse. When did you get out of the nut factory?

nut factory

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piss factory

n. a bar, tavern, or saloon. (Usually objectionable.) I stopped in at the piss factory for a round or two.
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spook factory

n. the CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) near Washington, D.C., where spies are said to be trained. Tom got a job in the spook factory.
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These factories were also found having no arrangements for fire fighting and other safety measures for the workers.
In overseeing the building of factories in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, industrial engineers promoted the adoption of reinforced concrete walls and floors, traveling cranes, conveyor systems, internal railways, and electrification.
The Chinese and American negotiators ended their intricate game of brinkmanship when the Chinese relented slightly on two final issues, announcing that they had closed down two more pirate compact disc factories - bringing the total closed this year to 15 - and expanding permission for foreign music and movie companies to produce and sell their products inside China.
They looked at two truck engine and two electrical equipment factories in the Ukraine and Great Russia.
Until now, most manufacturers working to utilize Lean manufacturing techniques have had only stand-alone spreadsheets and manual processes to perform these functions, making it difficult to scale Lean techniques up from individual lines or cells to full factories or across multiple locations.
FAISALABAD -- As many as 42 industrial and commercial factories were challaned on charge of faulty operation and running the units in violation of the Factory Act.
More Than 25 Major Factories Use JRG to Rapidly Achieve Increased Perfect Orders, Reduced Production Costs and Streamlined Inventory
Designed specifically for factories using lean production techniques, this new capability helps factory personnel further reduce waste in terms of both inventory and manpower, while ensuring a smooth, reliable production flow.
SAN DIEGO -- Manufacturers have a single solution for optimizing all manufacturing processes to transform their factories from 'push' to demand-pull operations
The new product being developed by the two companies will enable factories to connect directly to and extract data from PLCs (i.
8 and currently available, is a graphical production scheduling system for factories -- enabling on-time product delivery at the lowest cost-per-case.
The interoperability between eM-Plant and Factory CAD merges the best-in-class logistics analysis with 3D factory layout to provide manufacturers a single solution for designing factories and maximizing their productivity.
Bentley Systems, Incorporated, today announced that DaimlerChrysler is the first car manufacturer to deploy building information modeling (BIM) to create virtual, digital mock-ups of factories.