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Oblong face Widen and shorten the face with sunglass styles that do not extend beyond the widest part of the face.
It's unclear whether any of these regions correspond to a brain area in people that has been implicated in face perception (SN: 7/7/01, p.
A properly working face recognition system supposedly can match a person standing in front of a camera with a record from a database including tens of millions of faceprints.
The regulations require that a direct and exclusive causal relationship exist between the particular expenditure and the recession of a mine's working face to qualify as a deduction; see Letter Ruling 9935061, Kennecott Copper Corp.
Due to the enhanced service life provided by separating the seal faces with a sufficient fluid film, mechanical seals can be made from a wider range of materials.
People are substantially worse at discriminating between faces of an unfamiliar race than faces that belong to their own race.
In line with his hypothesis, Matsumiya found that participants' experiences exploring the face masks by touch shifted their perception of the faces presented visually compared to participants who had no adaptation period, such that the visual faces were perceived as having the opposite facial expression.
In this respect, Rousslelet et al (2004) investigated animal and human faces in natural scenes and found that the N170 was not only sensitive to both face categories (human and animal faces) but also to what has been termed the 'inversion effect'.
If your forehead is a lot wider than your chin, you probably have a heart-shaped face, like Meredith, left, and Calista Flockhart.
Milkman does not see the faces of others, so his comfortable consciousness cannot, as Levinas writes, "be put into question.
Whenever you have a media appearance to make, you make sure your face is on point.
The other scary hit of the summer was The Many Faces of Andrew Cunanan.
The melt-transfer system reportedly permits flow of plastic between mold faces but does not allow drooling at the shutoffs or gates.
KLIK uses real-time mobile face recognition to automatically detect faces, and even identify friends in photos allowing users to easily tag and share beautiful photos of their friends.