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give (something) a facelift

To refurbish or improve the appearance of something. Wow, you really gave this room a facelift—it looks fantastic!
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give something a ˈfacelift

improve the appearance of something, for example a building, room, etc: We’ve given our offices a facelift — new furniture, new lighting and a new carpet.The whole street needs a facelift.
A facelift is an operation to lift and tighten the skin on your face in order to make you look younger.
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The traditional facelift takes up to one month to recover.
The full facelift aims to effectively tighten skin that has begun to sag because of aging.
Storm the bulldog, pictured here at the Dogs Trust Centre in Bridgend, had a facelift after excess skin blocked her nostrils
Storm the bulldog has been given a facelift enabling her to breathe.
This is truly the facelift of the future, with some plastic surgeons claiming Ulthera results are on a par with surgical procedures.
Many businessmen expressed happiness about the facelift project of Manama Old Souq, pointing out that their businesses have been affected due to a delay in completing the project.
However, this can be a great treatment for younger patients who have good skin and aren't yet ready for a facelift but would benefit from a more youthful look.
Gosselin had earlier gone on national television and got a tummy tuck to repair the damage to her body from giving birth to twins followed by sextuplets, but she has taken to her blog to deny any reports of a facelift.
The Tedco centre in Jarrow, which opened in 1994, has gone greener with an environmentally friendly facelift of its workspace.
AS YOU are doing a lot of stories on New Street Station lately as work begins on its pounds 600 million facelift, I am sending this photo (above) which I took when it was having a facelift last time
PAGE 4 Theatre facelift LIVERPOOL'S Neptune Theatre is to get a massive facelift four years after it closed.
Dr Mendoza's wife, Marilag Mendoza, also one of 10 Master Pranic Healers in the world, recently concluded a workshop in Pranic Facelift and Body Sculpting in Dubai.
But Lord's is set for a pounds 200m facelift over the next 10 years
Having a facelift will be easier than ever in Wales thanks to a top Harley Street plastic surgeon.