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Contraction of the elastic member causing the side edge portions of the supplementary absorbent batt structure to be pulled nearer to a longitudinal center line of the diaper so that the distal end portion of the supplementary absorbent batt structure curves so as to delineate a circular arc which is convex upward with respect to the body faceable surface of the basic absorbent batt structure and consequently a pocket opening from the front waist region toward the crotch region is formed between the basic and supplementary absorbent batt structures, the contraction causing each of the opposing surfaces of the elastic member to be spaced from the supplementary absorbent batt structure and the basic absorbent batt structure.
A first flap is substantially adjacent the lateral centerline and is adapted to fold over a crotch portion of the thong undergarment in use along a first preferential bending axis and to contact the garment faceable surface of the thong undergarment.
The flange portion has a lateral dimension that is insufficient to allow the flange portion to be folded over an edge of the thong undergarment or to contact the garment faceable surface in use.
The main body features a garment faceable outer layer of a liquid-impermeable material and a body faceable cover layer with liquid-permeable material surrounding an absorbent core.