face into

face into (something)

1. To turn in the direction of something. Hey, face into the wind so that the dress is blowing in this shot.
2. To turn someone or something toward something. If your plant is wilting, why don't you try facing it into the sun?
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face (someone or something) into something

to turn (the face or front of) someone or something directly toward something. Face the sail into the wind. Please face into the camera.
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References in classic literature ?
There was nothing else in the world but that face, and he would never know rest, blessed rest, until he had beaten that face into a pulp with his bleeding knuckles, or until the bleeding knuckles that somehow belonged to that face had beaten him into a pulp.
It can also identify and localize a known face into a single test image or in a multiple image frame.
Dollmakers receive a variety of step-by-step approaches to creating doll faces, from developing simple grids which divide the face into quadrants to using different mediums from watercolors and dyes to collages and fabric sculpting.
But if benzoyl peroxide turns your face into a bigger mess (flaking, irritation and redness) than when you lust had zits, give sulfur a try--just remember, apply it on the blemish, not your whole face.