face forward

face someone or something forward

to turn someone or something to the front. (Also with many other directions—backward, to the right, to the left, etc.) Please face your brother forward now. Face the book forward so we can read the title.
See also: face, forward
References in classic literature ?
He pushed his face forward as he spoke and his lips and eyelids were continually twitching like a man with St.
I paced a turn or two on the poop and saw him take up his position face forward with his elbow in the ratlines of the mizzen rigging before I went below.
It grew broader, and a woman appeared with a lamp in her hand, which she held above her head, pushing her face forward and peering at us.
Twin padded lounges with backrest, at the bow, allow you to face forward while underway and double as insulated fish boxes.
We look forward to seeing what's next from NuFace as they continue to find new, breakthrough ways to help women put their best face forward.
If your knuckles face forward it may indicate you have a tight chest and a weak upper back, giving the appearance of rounded shoulders, also called 'upper cross syndrome'.
In 2011, 33% of parents of 1-to 4-year-old children who had been turned to face forward had done so at or before 12 months.
Most want their community to put its best face forward because cleaning up and improving an area's access to nature helps make it feel more buoyant, safer and a better place to be.
Next Step holds annual summer "campferences" for different kindred groups of youth; Face 2 Face is for young adults who are cancer survivors, One Love is for those living with HIV, and the newest program, Face Forward, for young adults with metabolic, mitochondrial, and rare genetic disorders.
They had to face forward, turn around, face back to the front and do about 10 jumping jacks.
com)-- PeakPRgroup is proud to announce Face Forward charity is ready to embark on its “A Great Gatsby Affair” on Sep 28th at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica.
Units can save themselves mountains of money by either covering the optics for travel or turning them so they don't face forward.
AXE, A UNILEVER BRAND, is helping guys put their best face forward with the new AXE Face range of face wash, shave gel and post-shave hydrator products.
Planking is an internet activity which involves taking photos of people lying face forward and stiff as a -- plank in a variety of poses.