face down

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face down

1. verb To confront or intimidate someone until they relent. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "face" and "down." I'm so impressed that that scrawny little kid faced the bully down!
2. verb To turn something so that the top or printed side cannot be seen. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "face" and "down. Be sure to face your tests down when you're done.
3. adjective (of a person) Lying on one's stomach. Just lie face down on the table and the masseuse will be in with you shortly.
4. adjective (of a thing) With the top or printed side turned down so that it cannot be seen. Put your test face down on the desk when you're done.
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face someone down

to make a face-to-face stand with someone who eventually backs down. Chuck succeeded in facing Tom down. Facing down Tom wasn't difficult for Chuck.
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face something down

to turn something face downward. Ted drew a card and faced it down. Face your cards down when you leave the card table.
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face down

1. With the upper surface put down, as in Please put these papers face down. This usage appears to come from cardplaying. [First half of 1600s] The antonym, "with the upper surface uppermost," is face up.
2. Overcome, intimidate, or browbeat someone in a bold confrontation. This verbal expression dates from the 16th century. Shakespeare used it in The Comedy of Errors (3:1): "Here's a villain that would face me down."
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ˌface ˈup/ˈdown

1 (of a person) with your face and stomach facing upwards/downwards: She lay face down on the bed.
2 (of a playing card) with the number or picture facing upwards/downwards: Place the card face up on the pile.
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face down

1. To confront someone in a resolute or determined manner: The incumbent faced down the opponent in a debate. The soldiers faced the enemy down.
2. To position something so that its front surface is oriented downward: I faced the picture down so that I wouldn't be reminded of my dead parents.
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Welsh Government advice set out in 2005 stated that "under no circumstances, should any individual ever be restrained in a face down position".
As you tell the story, each time you count a number, you will take one card from the top, keeping it face down, and move it to the bottom of the packet (figure B).
STEP 2: With your board laying face down on top of wadding and fabric the wrong way round, use the staple gun, starting from the centre and staple fabric fold fabric onto the wooden frame of board - pulling tightly on the fabric.
Our research shows that some trusts have a shameful over-reliance on physical restraint and use face down physical restraint too readily in their response to managing a crisis situation.
But mental health charity Mind is now calling on the Government and NHS England to put an end to face down restraint and provide accredited training in managing violence for frontline healthcare staff.
I care less where your dumb asses lay face down and take pictures of the ***, I'm just telling you where it came from," he added.
She said she had gone downstairs to fetch a towel and was away for about two minutes when she returned she found the baby girl, who had gone blue, face down in the water.
A Kent Police spokesman said: "Police carried out a search of the area and found the boy in a neighbouring garden, face down in a pond.
In five-card stud poker, each player is dealt two cards, one face up, the other, his hole card, face down.
We had to dig deep to find courage and vision and to face down anxiety and anger.
Hughes, the UFC welterweight champion, took the fight to the mat and eventually had Gracie face down and began raining punches on the back of the MMA legend's head before referee John McCarthy jumped in to stop the fight Saturday at Staples Center.
On October 24, 2003, deer hunters found the body of a woman lying face down in a wooded area off Devil Dog Road about 1 mile south of Interstate 40 and 6 miles west of Williams, Arizona.
Wrapped in hermetic skins of dark brick or metal, the houses face down their grotty surroundings, but the tough exteriors conceal a succession of secret, sensual inner realms.
Joanne McGuire, 26, was discovered lying face down in the bath by her boyfriend Greg Brownbridge on Saturday, November 13 last year.