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Already, Face Guardian is looking ahead to 2015 as a major year for the service.
This is paradoxical because it is well established that face recognition relies heavily upon the pooling of facial features across the whole face and combining these into a single, holistic face, rather than the recognition of isolated features.
5 ( ANI ): A new study has claimed that the sense of touch can add to people's ability to perceive faces.
For instance, in a well known fMRI study conducted by Kanwisher et al (1997) it was found that regions of the occipito-temporal cortex were more active during face than object viewing.
Round face Frames should make the face appear longer and thinner.
With the moderate success of the nobake cores in green sand, Durametal attempted to face the green sand with nobake sand at the molding machine with some simple pattern designs already set up for the matchplate molding machine.
Die face relief as a means to achieve balanced flow especially in thin sections of the die; and
government's list by their face alone, that's not a problem," says Bob Schmitt at Viisage, an identification-technology company in Massachusetts.
The rationale for FACE is the realization that families of long-term care residents share an interest with providers in policies that promote flexible, quality care.
A properly working face recognition system supposedly can match a person standing in front of a camera with a record from a database including tens of millions of faceprints.
Over time, a recession of the mine's working face will occur, necessitating that support services be extended up the mine's face to maintain a normal production output.
According to the manufacturer, Face-Off face camo, which is available in Mossy Oak(r) and Realtree(r) patterns, applies directly to your skin.
NEW ORLEANS -- Regulators adopted a statement for exposure that would warn buyers of insurance policies with small face amounts that they may pay more in premiums than they will receive in death benefits.