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An abbreviation for "frequently asked questions," referring to a list, often on a website, of common questions pertaining to the topic being discussed and answers to those questions. Go to the FAQ—that should tell you where we can park at the venue.

read the fucking FAQ

rude slang An exclamation of frustration and exasperation directed at someone who has asked a question or series of questions that have already been answered in an FAQ (a list of frequently asked questions) about the topic at hand. Would you stop asking such boneheaded questions and just read the fucking FAQ? You're wasting everyone's time. I'm not responding to such idiotic statements. Either read the fucking FAQ, or get the hell off our forum!
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n. a list of frequently asked questions. (Particularly in the domain of computer use.) Is there a FAQ for this newsgroup.

Read the fucking FAQ!

exclam. & comp. abb. Simply read the information in the FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions. (Usually objectionable.) Don’t ask the group to explain everything just for you! RTFF!
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This concept is the "First Amendment of the Internet," and is more elaborately discussed under "f.a.q." on the Savethelnternet.com website.
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