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get an eyeful

To see a surprising or unexpected sight. I sure got an eyeful when I walked in on Al while he was trying on his artichoke costume.
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eyeful (of someone or something)

Fig. a shocking or surprising sight. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) The office door opened for a minute and I got an eyeful of the interior. Mary got an eyeful of the company's extravagant spending when she saw the bill for the executive board's catered lunch.
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have/get an ˈeyeful (of something)

(British English, spoken) look carefully at something that is interesting or unusual: Quick! Come and get an eyeful of this!
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n. the sight of something that one was not meant to see. I got an eyeful of that contract. Yikes! What a giveaway!
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In vivo RNAi screening in the eyeful and sensitized Dro-sophila cancer models
EYEFUL: A Brouhaha costume is ready to go COLOURFUL: Artistic carnival director Ray Mahabir puts the finishing touches to the costumes for the Brouhaha festival
The containers kept the sneakers from siring offspring but gave the nest builders an eyeful of apparent rivals.
The tables are a convenient eyeful, documenting poverty, unionization, and "demographic variation" rates across national borders.
Fans of the saucy Carry On films will get a real eyeful at a 55-hour Midland film marathon for charity.
It may not be art, but visitors to this new museum will certainly get an eyeful. Covering topics as diverse as Stonewall and lesbian football teams, NYC Sex spans the 19th and 20th centuries and spends generous amounts of time describing how the gay and lesbian community helped fashion sex as we know it and think about it today.
and Eyeful Home Technology Inc., wholly owned subsidiaries on Oct.
You'll get an eyeful just looking at his illustration of an eye, with all its many layers pulled apart and exposed.
Thanks to Arturo Smith's photography and Patti Podesta's production design, the film is a wondrous, continuously inventive eyeful. The cast is huge, cute, hot, and virtually interchangeable.
So we get an eyeful of scantily clad women courting abuse from the men who desire their services.
SHE was out to give fans an eyeful - but, er, not that much of an eyeful.
TENNIS fans knew Venus Williams would be a handful, but no one expected such an eyeful.
REGULARS at a Moseley pub can get a eyeful of art with their pint.