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get an eyeful

To see a surprising or unexpected sight. I sure got an eyeful when I walked in on Al while he was changing clothes.
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eyeful (of someone or something)

Fig. a shocking or surprising sight. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) The office door opened for a minute and I got an eyeful of the interior. Mary got an eyeful of the company's extravagant spending when she saw the bill for the executive board's catered lunch.

have/get an ˈeyeful (of something)

(British English, spoken) look carefully at something that is interesting or unusual: Quick! Come and get an eyeful of this!
See also: eyeful, get, have


n. the sight of something that one was not meant to see. I got an eyeful of that contract. Yikes! What a giveaway!
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By ADRIAN SHAW TENNIS fans knew Venus Williams would be a handful on court, but no one expected such an eyeful.
REGULARS at a Moseley pub can get a eyeful of art with their pint.
The supermodel followed her on-off boyfriend and new Rangers owner Flavio Briatore into the changing rooms ahead of his side's game against Norwich and was confronted by a semi-naked Leigertwood, who was bending over in front of the door and gave her an eyeful.
A Noise Within specializes in bringing sturdy productions of the classics to the stage, and the current production of William Shakespeare's play ``The Tempest,'' while not breaking any new ground, delivers an eyeful.
Biologist and wildlife photographer Todd Pusser got quite an eyeful when he motored up in his boat to this marine "crime scene.
FEMALE readers are no doubt longing for the new series of Footballer's Wives to get another eyeful of the dishy Gary Lucy.
BIG Brother star Lee Davey (above) has given Midland fans an eyeful of his hidden talents - as a stripper.
Dark skies far from city lights help stargazers get an eyeful at Idaho's Bruneau Dunes State Park, where observatory programs ($3) are held each Friday and Saturday night at dusk.
About 200 gardening enthusiasts and visitors headed for St Barbara's church hall, Rochester Road, Earlsdon, Coventry, to get an eyeful of monster cauliflowers, majestic dahlias and delicious home-made cakes.
Kimberley, 35, gave passers-by an eyeful when the couple went for dinner at the Ritz in London on Friday night.
When she bent forward to climb out of her car, crowds of onlookers -and photographers - got an eyeful of her cleavage.
TENNIS fans knew Venus Williams would be a handful, but no one expected such an eyeful.
GET an eyeful to morrow evening at Bar Risa when the establishment will be taken over by the shocking spectacle of youthful ladies competing for the Miss Wet T-Shirt 2007.
And the acrobats themselves, even though they seem to have dropped in from Vegas, are an eyeful.
Lawford Kennedy was staying for the weekend with his younger cousin JFK Junior when he got an unexpected eyeful of sexy First Lady, Jackie Kennedy.