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a bird's eye view

1. A view looking down at an object or area from a high elevation. As much as I'd love to go to the observation deck of the Empire State Building and see New York City from a bird's eye view, I'm afraid that my acrophobia will prevent me from enjoying the experience.
2. A consideration of a problem or situation from a comprehensive perspective. In order to determine why the company was headed towards a fiscal disaster, the CFO had to take a step back and get a bird's eye view of the situation so he could locate the cause of the problem.
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bird's-eye view

1. Lit. a view seen from high above. We got a bird's-eye view of Cleveland as the plane began its descent. From the top of the church tower you get a splendid bird's-eye view of the village.
2. Fig. a brief survey of something; a hasty look at something. The course provides a bird's-eye view of the works of Mozart, but it doesn't deal with them in enough detail for your purpose. All you need is a bird's-eye view of the events of World War II to pass the test.
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bird's eye view

An overview, as in This balcony gives us a bird's eye view of the town, or This course gives you a bird's eye view of history-from Eolithic man to the Gulf War in one semester . This expression can be used literally, for a panoramic view such as a bird might see, as well as figuratively. [c. 1600]
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a bird's-eye view

1. If you have a bird's-eye view of a place, you are looking down on it from a high position and can see all of it. His pilot's licence enabled us to have a bird's-eye view of the beautiful countryside.
2. If you have a bird's-eye view of a situation, you know what is happening in all the parts of it. I was a parliamentary journalist, so I had a bird's eye view of the way politicians encourage people to believe in dreams. Note: People often change bird to a word that is relevant to what they are talking about. He seems to have a soldier's eye view. He has a child's eye view of the war based on his own experiences. Compare with a worm's eye view.
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a bird's-eye view

a general view from above.
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—'s-eye view

a view from the position or standpoint of the person or thing specified.
The most common versions of this phrase are bird's-eye view (see bird) and worm's-eye view (see worm).
1982 Ian Hamilton Robert Lowell There is a kind of double vision: the child's eye view judged and interpreted by the ironical narrator.

a ˌbird’s-eye ˈview (of something)

a good view of something from high above: From the church tower you get a bird’s-eye view of the town.
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References in classic literature ?
Warr therefore, open or conceal'd, alike My voice disswades; for what can force or guile With him, or who deceive his mind, whose eye Views all things at one view?
Brooklyn- based Rear View Safety has launched its Advanced 360-degree System, a 360+ Bird's Eye View System with lane changing cameras.
The two choices when sorting from the eye view are: back to front with "over" alpha blending and front to back with "under" alpha blending.
The Atkinsons, from Ainsdale, won the chance to be photographed for A Bird's Eye View after son Oscar, who is six tomorrow, persuaded parents Craig and Joanne to enter a competition.
Those who weighed in behind Bird's Eye View on the opening day of the season at the Curragh will be hoping for better fortune for the Tommy Stack-trained filly in the 6f handicap (4.
24 September 2012 -- New York-based assurance, tax and advisory services provider PwC US said that it has acquired substantially all the assets of boutique social media strategy development and consulting firm Ant's Eye View (AEV).
24 September 2012 - Audit and assurance, consulting and tax services provider PwC US said that it had finalised the purchase of substantially all assets of domestic social media strategy development and consulting specialist Ant's Eye View Corp.
A BIRD'S EYE VIEW I looked down at Coventry from a restaurant up high, Got a bird's eye view almost from the sky, Looked over to Spencer Park and I saw there, Varied trees now clothed in summer leaves so fair.
The tour included a visit to the main stadium for Asian games, named" Bird's eye view," and surrounding facilities.
Try fitting a pet's eye view camera to find out pounds 39.
It''s also an interesting way to get a bird''s eye view of the whole Liverpool One development, including the new Hilton hotel.
Written (or perhaps co-written with feline assistance) by a cat lover, for cat lovers, A Cat's Eye View of Life and Love by Sterling with Gentle Self-Help for All Ages is a narrative from the first-person (first-feline?
The Durham Light Infantry Museum and Durham Art Gallery is hosting Kabir Hussain's Bird's Eye View, Michele Allen's While Reason Sleeps, and Jo Ray's My Spectacles until Sunday, March 22.
The Child's Eye View campaign aims to cut the number of children injured or killed on the road.