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FORMER world snooker champion Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins will be signing copies of his new book, From The Eye of the Hurricane - My Story, at Borders on Wednesday afternoon for an hour from 5.
This is the quiet before the storm, the eye of the hurricane, because the next record to come on causes an explosion of recognition.
The eye of the hurricane was expected to come ashore on a path that could spare Houston and Galveston, but strike three oil refining towns.
When I am in the eye of the hurricane and these guys are rocking it around me then I would gladly play until my fingers bled.
Islanders fled to hotels, some of which were battered by the pelting rains as the northern eye of the hurricane struck.
EYE OF THE HURRICANE Hurricane Alan gets in some work over the Newmarket gallops ahead of the Sagitta 2000 Guineas tomorrow.
Turner, chief of the bureau's redistricting office, was the eye of the hurricane.
GreenHunter's biodiesel refinery took almost a direct hit from the eye of the hurricane.
I think the next few years are going to be critical as we move out of the eye of the hurricane, which is where we are right now, and enter the following edge of the hurricane.