eye up

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eye (someone) up

1. To look over a person so as to evaluate and form an opinion of their appearance and demeanor. I could feel everyone eyeing me up as I made my way toward the main stage.
2. To look attentively upon or at someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested. There's a really cute guy eyeing you up from across the bar.
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eye up

1. To look at someone carefully in order to make a judgment about them. I saw the other poker players eyeing me up, trying to figure out if I was any good.
2. To look at someone or something in a way that indicates desire, attraction, or sexual interest. You're totally eyeing up that cute blonde over there, aren't you? I've been eyeing up the dessert menu, but everything looks so good. I can't decide what to order.
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eye up (something)

To closely inspect something in which one is interested. I've been eyeing up this vintage Mustang that my neighbor is selling.
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EYE HIM UP's victory in Sheffield's IFM Insurance 480 on Saturday took his sire Top Honcho's tally of NGRC titles right to the brink of the `ton'.
Originally named Rattle The Key, Eye Him Up is owned and trained by Ernie Skeech, who purchased the July 2000 whelp after he had been disqualified at Lifford in June of last year.
Tyrone, Eye Him Up is from the first litter of Pacific Talent, a wide runner with decent early pace who sprang a 10-1 upset when winning her 1998 Champion Stakes first round heat at Romford.
Eye Him Up with Linda, Mark and Ernie Skeech after his triumph at Sheffield on Saturday