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His eyes lighted on a big headline, with a brief five lines under it.
Forgotten, save once, when old One Eye stopped for a moment to lick his stiffening wounds.
Noirtier's eye began to dilate, and his eyelids trembled with the same movement that may be perceived on the lips of an individual about to speak, and he darted a lightning glance at Madame de Villefort and his son.
But you are not so roundabout, Little Eyes, that I don't notice your answering for Pubsey and Co.
She involuntarily closed her eyes again, but in vain; she fancied that she still saw through the rosy lids that gnome's mask, one-eyed and gap-toothed.
Tantor was looking toward the trees behind them, and as their eyes followed his gaze the head and shoulders of a great ape appeared amidst the foliage.
The Master of Life looks with an open eye on his children, who die in a battle that is fought for the right; but he is blind, and his ears are shut to the cries of an Indian, who is killed when plundering, or doing evil to his neighbour.
She smiled just as he was doing, gazing straight into his eyes.
Bumble sat in the workhouse parlour, with his eyes moodily fixed on the cheerless grate, whence, as it was summer time, no brighter gleam proceeded, than the reflection of certain sickly rays of the sun, which were sent back from its cold and shining surface.
His words had drawn Genevieve's gaze to his face, and she had pleasured in the clear skin, the clear eyes, the cheek soft and smooth as a girl's.
I guess he does, unless your eyes get on faster than they have yet.
Quickly her triumphant eye discovered her chum under the wing of her faithful Jimmy.
The flushed countenance, angry eye and swelling figure of the scout, produced a sensation of secret awe in all that heard him.
A minute later he was at the entrance, peering in at us with his inflamed eyes and raging like a demon.
But several times, forgetting the existence of the two girls, his eyes caught their smiles.