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exult at something

 and exult over something
to rejoice because of something; to rejoice about something. We exulted at the end of the hostilities. The citizens exulted over the downfall of the dictator.
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exult in something

to take great pleasure in something; to enjoy something immensely. I exult in the beauty of a spring day. We exulted in the glory of summer.
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References in classic literature ?
we are moving now,' said the old gentleman exultingly.
He stuck it in his buttonhole with an air of ineffable complacency for a misanthrope, and leering exultingly at the unconscious Short, muttered, as he laid himself down again, 'Tom Codlin's the friend, by G--
The word was blunder; and as Harriet exultingly proclaimed it, there was a blush on Jane's cheek which gave it a meaning not otherwise ostensible.
Christopher Hitchens exultingly proclaims, "Thanks to the telescope and the microscope it [i.
On his release, [he American-press exultingly, announced the victory of Anglo-Saxon procedure by articles entitled, "Such and Such a Government Cannot Take X.
In the famous passage of the Narrative's second chapter, in which Douglass describes the slave songs, he says that the slaves would "sing most exultingly the following words:--/ I am going away to the Great House Farm
Out he bounds, picking his car with a practiced eye, and swings himself exultingly to a flying stirrup.
They ride their giant beasts exultingly, take pride in their achievements, tease each other, look forward to the season of their favourite meats, are enraged by unacceptable changes, admire, for example, the courage and great good will displayed under traumatic pressure by Bren Cameron, and are profoundly moved by the moment when man'chi ('the one association that defined a specific individual') (8) is discovered or created.
I follow those heathen [the rambunctious jazz orchestra]--follow them exultingly.
religious houses in 1535-36, exultingly reported to his master,
Here was indeed the triumph of all things heavenly--the magnificent turn of the short upper lip--the soft, voluptuous slumber of the under--the dimples which sported, and the color which spoke--the teeth glancing back, with a brilliancy almost startling, every ray of the holy light which fell upon them in her serene and placid, yet most exultingly radiant of all smiles.
As a forecast of his coming place in the symbolic order of "literature," notoriously these interests included a sinecure government post (as stamp distributor, assumed in 1813), and the celebration of God's "exterminating sword," waved exultingly over the dead at Waterloo in his "Thanksgiving Ode" of 1816 (WPW 263).