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exult at something

 and exult over something
to rejoice because of something; to rejoice about something. We exulted at the end of the hostilities. The citizens exulted over the downfall of the dictator.
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exult in something

to take great pleasure in something; to enjoy something immensely. I exult in the beauty of a spring day. We exulted in the glory of summer.
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References in classic literature ?
I exulted in the boundless freedom of the design; the open air of that immense scene, where adventure followed adventure with the natural sequence of life, and the days and the nights were not long enough for the events that thronged them, amidst the fields and woods, the streams and hills, the highways and byways, hostelries and hovels, prisons and palaces, which were the setting of that matchless history.
The cooperation between the armed forces of China and Russia has reached new highs as bilateral relations continue to grow," exulted Cao following a Moscow meeting with Ivanov.
Ludlow, who came back from a second-place finish in the primary election, exulted in his victory at a news conference with his political mentor, Councilman-elect Antonio Villaraigosa, and a number of supporters from his district.
The results of GAIT exulted the benefits in those who actually needed the most relief; and the cost of good quality supplements is approximately one dollar a day.
teammate Garrett Barlow exulted after the 8-1 victory.
Wheeler and Donahue also exulted at the expansion of the wireless data market.
We have for one year total freedom," exulted Richard Grenell, speaking for the U.
exulted an ecstatic former Santa Clarita Councilwoman Jill Klajic.