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extricate (someone, something, or oneself) from (someone or something)

To free someone, something, or oneself from something. Don't worry, I'll call and extricate you from your date if it's really terrible. I can't seem to extricate that knife from the dishwasher—it's really jammed in there. Whoa, how did you extricate yourself from a lecture with Dad?
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extricate someone or something from someone or something

to disentangle someone or something from someone or something; to free someone or something from someone or something. I tried to extricate myself from her, but she made it hard for me to get away politely. I managed to extricate the ring from the vacuum cleaner bag.
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"Unfortunately, due to the nature of his injuries, and the extended time needed to create a navigable way out, the casualty succumbed to his injuries and died just prior to the extrication beginning."
Given that the maximum height of the caving zone of 9101 workface is 23.4 m and the maximum height of the fissure zone is 60.68 m, the high suction roadway will be easily deformed and losing extrication ability if the arrangement height of the high suction roadway is less than 23.4 m; if the distance between the high suction roadway and the goaf floor is too large, the gas permeability of the overlying rock will be poor, and the extrication amount of gas will be less.
He said Mr Rigby was conscious and it was thought his injuries were not severe enough to warrant a "snatch extrication".
Organised by the Bahrain Motor Federation (BMF), which acts as Bahrain's national sporting authority as delegated by the FIA, the two-day seminar included a variety of mock drills and live exercises that resulted in the extrication team being officially certified by the FIA.
"If there is a negotiation with the Taliban, it should be in the framework of a multilateral regional negotiation," Kissinger said, adding that "extrication from a war like this is extremely difficult."
Vehicle extrication level I & II; principles and practice.
As in past years, it should be noted that this summary does not reflect all grain-related entrapments, fatal or nonfatal, that have occurred, due to the lack of a comprehensive reporting system and a continued reluctance on the part of some victims and employers to report partial entrapments where extrication was required but no public report was made.
The team is well-rounded, with expert medical knowledge, specializing in the trauma considerations and extrication needs specific to a downed aircraft.
Extrication: "Fifty percent species of birds living in the cities, especially Lahore, have been extricated due to abnormal expansion of cities, cutting of trees, reduction of forested areas, environmental pollution, use of pesticides and chemicals," the TAF director said while talking to Daily Times.
Attractions will include rides and amusements, a freefall parachute display, tank rides and a car-crash rescue demonstration by Northumberland firefighters, currently the UK extrication champions.
This will be a great opportunity for emergency staff of all emergency services of Pakistan to demonstrate their professional skills in the fields of Rescue from Height, Water Rescue, Fire Fighting, Medical Rescue, Smoke Room Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, Building Collapse and Rescue Driving.
Michael Staples draws upon her many years of experience and expertise in "Save Your Horse: A Horse Owner's Guide To Large Animal Rescue" to provide step-by-step instructions on extricating a horse from such conditions, including vertical extrication from a hole or ravine, as well diagonal extrication from a steep slope.
He holds a number of certifications from the Middlesex County Fire Academy including Arson Detection Awareness and Motor Vehicle Extrication. Mr.
Emergency services at the fishing pier had considered using an axe and Jaws Of Life extrication tool.