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extrapolate (something) from (something)

To deduce information from something Yeah, I extrapolated that they broke up from the scene I walked in on—Lauren sitting in the dark and crying with no sign of her so-called boyfriend anywhere.
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extrapolate something from something

to reason out the answer from the known facts. I cannot extrapolate what he meant from these notes. Can you extrapolate the annual total from the company's sales so far this year?
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Extrapolators normally base their forecasts on straight-forward logic that is easily reproducible and that usually provides quantitative results.
While QCEW data are assumed to reflect the exercise of NSOs, the CES data do not; the adjustment to the monthly extrapolator does not measure coverage differences precisely.
Extrapolators for services may well have contributed to the tendency of the early GDP estimates to understate the decline in GDP during contractions and the increase during the early stages of expansions (Fixler and Grimm 2002).
Extrapolators believe the future will be a logical extension of the past.
Interpolators and extrapolators are based on shipments and inventory-change data from the Bureau of the Census Annual Survey of Manufacturers and the 1996 annual input-output tables.(10)
BLS has recently completed research into performing the extrapolation with various time series modeling techniques, including regression and ARIMA models, as a substitute for the UI-universe-based extrapolators currently used, and found some improvement in results.
While conversion to NAICS was rough, the values provided reasonable extrapolators for some industries.
However, the review may also consider the latest tabulations of the benchmark UI data for past quarters and how well the extrapolators have tracked them, as well as other related indicators, such as tax collections data from the Treasury Department or movements in the Labor Department's Employment Cost Index.
The extrapolators for these estimates are prepared using a wide array of source data, including surveys from the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other public and private sources.
Sources and Methods for the Quarterly and Annual Estimates of State Personal Income Components Extrapolators Extrapolators Annual for for second estimates preliminary quarterly quarterly estimates and estimates interpolators for revised quarterly estimates Wage and salary disbursements by industry: (1) Farms Trend extra- Trend extra- Economic polation (2) polation (2) Research Service (ERS)/U.S.
Principal Sources of Data for Value-Added Extrapolators Component of gross domestic income Major source data Compensation of employees, paid Wages and salary For most private industries, federal accruals (1) government civilians, and state and local government, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tabulations from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (OCEW) for 2008-2010.
Principal Source Data for Value-Added Extrapolators Component gross domestic income Major source data Compensation of employees, paid Wage and salary For most private industries and state accruals (1) and local government, BLS tabulations from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW).