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extrapolate (something) from (something)

To deduce information from something Yeah, I extrapolated that they broke up from the scene I walked in on—Lauren sitting in the dark and crying with no sign of her so-called boyfriend anywhere.
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extrapolate something from something

to reason out the answer from the known facts. I cannot extrapolate what he meant from these notes. Can you extrapolate the annual total from the company's sales so far this year?
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Approximately three-quarters of the amplitude of the cycle is explained by price reactions in the face of supply rigidities; the remainder is due to the effects of extrapolative price expectations magnifying the price responses following past changes in observed house prices.
Another extrapolative disaster the novella describes is the consequence of overexploitation of Antarctica.
Suppose a second researcher chooses the same extrapolative method, likelihood, and prior for [xi], but different conditional priors [p.sup.[dagger]]([lambda] | [xi]).
Indeed, a simple model of extrapolative expectations of future asset price movements does a very good job of explaining the big swings in the U.S.
(44) The court dismissed the consent analysis as superfluous and precluded by a sufficient stateless vessel analysis, and then embarked on an extrapolative approach to define the explicit statutory term "aboard." (45) Finally, the court visited the issue of burden of proof and the trial judge's stateless vessel decision.
As pointed out by the authors, however, "extrapolative generalizations based on the study may be erroneous" (p.
Another near-future forecast, Makers hews closer to probable extrapolative paths than the Rucker outing, yet still manages to parade an outre future before our wide-eyed and startled gaze.
For an extrapolative or time series problem, on the other hand, inputs are typically the past observations of the series and the output is the future value.
In the past, people talked of "extrapolative expectations," arguing that--when forecasting the future in the absence of an understanding of the structural model driving the system--we look at trends in past data and extrapolate those trends over the relevant horizon.
Thus, the weight of judicial and academic opinion appears to unanimously favor an extrapolative interpretation of CPLR 1601(1).
Many of the claims with respect to human behavior, including those made here, are extrapolative from laboratory research with nonhuman animals.
Furthermore, the parameters are rarely linked to the reaction mechanisms and are thus hardly useful for any insight into the course of reactions and therefore extrapolative prediction.
It is interesting to note that Ediev (5) supports simple extrapolative approaches such as this for mortality projection, rather than the more statistically complex methods such as Lee-Carter.
As extrapolative forecasting, projections present claims based on arguments from methods and parallel cases, where the validity of the method or similarities between comparative cases are used to support and justify the claim.
Each concept-word and its responding essay presented in the volume range from terms distinctly architectural, such as 'ornament', 'formalism' and 'body', to the more architecturally extrapolative such as 'desire', 'everyday' and 'atmosphere'.