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extrapolate (something) from (something)

To deduce information from something Yeah, I extrapolated that they broke up from the scene I walked in on—Lauren sitting in the dark and crying with no sign of her so-called boyfriend anywhere.
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extrapolate something from something

to reason out the answer from the known facts. I cannot extrapolate what he meant from these notes. Can you extrapolate the annual total from the company's sales so far this year?
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SBOC believes that extrapolation for each proposed indication should ideally be supported by scientific evidence from a randomized phase III clinical trial.
Let us return to the initial problem that gave rise to this series of "poems of extrapolation." Becquer felt the inadequacy of language.
Table-4: The intrinsic viscosity results obtained by graphic extrapolation as well as a single point viscometry determination method.
In this work, we take advantage of the theory derived before for data extrapolation with truncated projection data.
One way to economically accelerate the convergence of vector sequences is to apply vector extrapolation methods.
Examined in light of our thoughts above, what extrapolations could be gleaned from this paper for another site looking to introduce some form of GI MDx for ID?
But he also stressed that "extrapolation should be done with caution and not routinely granted."
With a poor DC extrapolation, the 50-[OMEGA] section can clearly be seen to show sloping impedance along its length, whereas with good extrapolation, the 50-[OMEGA] line is seen correctly.
In this paper, in order to develop a more efficient CMG method, we use the Richardson extrapolation technique presented in [21] and a new extrapolation formula; a new Richardson extrapolation cascadic multigrid (RCMG) method for 2D Poisson equation is proposed.
According to Emanuel, "We appeal every one of these [audits] and we try to decide whether we want to appeal the extrapolations or the audit itself, and whether we want it to be an informal appeal that goes to the office of administrative hearings, or state court."
To assess the antibiotic prescribing rate for sore throat, researchers determined there were 94 million visits to primary care physicians and emergency rooms for sore throats between 1997 and 2010, based on an extrapolation of 8,191 visits.
It can be estimated from surface temperature and heat flux values computed using the linear [4] or quadratic [7-8] extrapolation method.
Across the Boundaries: Extrapolation in Biology and Social Science.