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extrapolate (something) from (something)

To deduce information from something Yeah, I extrapolated that they broke up from the scene I walked in on—Lauren sitting in the dark and crying with no sign of her so-called boyfriend anywhere.
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extrapolate something from something

to reason out the answer from the known facts. I cannot extrapolate what he meant from these notes. Can you extrapolate the annual total from the company's sales so far this year?
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Since the expansion is considered original construction, the rule would be that no repairs and maintenance should be extrapolated to it, only recovery period changes.
Instructional technology might provide insights about learning within specific environments, but the field has not extrapolated its findings beyond those limited settings.
The Extrapolated Newton's method (1.7) can be put in the form
It also offers twice the extrapolated lifetime at standard operating pressure and is at least three times more resistant to rapid crack propagation than is required.
Given the title, the holes in this extrapolated thesis are sad.
Sample deficiencies may be taken at one or more locations and, depending on the quantities found in the samples, extrapolated for remaining areas.
Their ball-like form is extrapolated by Itatani into a polygonal prison, which is itself then set loosely adrift in a circular field set into yet another polygonal shape and so on, until the human figure is wrapped within five or six layers of a kind of psychic disenfranchisement.
One goal is to construct a global inventory of data for well-characterized environments that can be extrapolated to understudied sites with similar climates, demographics, and coastal conditions.
The researchers then extrapolated the results to what might occur under prolonged exposure to the lower ozone concentrations typical of many urban homes and offices.
Lawrence Nield's library for the Sunshine Coast University shows how some of Murcutt's ideas can be developed and extrapolated to make fine public buildings.
The study extrapolated these results and more from data gathered under the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS), an ongoing survey of how Americans--as represented by a sample of 21,571 individuals--use and pay for health services.
Using a statistical technique, Bowen's group extrapolated their chronology to several dozen fossil-rich sites in China and Mongolia.
Without seeking to recapture an imaginary original state, they simplified the plan by judicious demolition and, using stone so reclaimed, extrapolated from existing parts of the fabric to rebuild the plain stone facades, punctuating them with regular patterns of simple openings.
The researchers then calculated the age of the star and extrapolated a minimum age of the universe.
Returning for inspiration to well-loved tradition, to the richly ornamented and generously proportioned interiors of old apartments in the city, the architects have extrapolated the richness and reinterpreted ornament to create an interior of great sensuality.