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extract the urine (out of someone or something)

To mock, deride, tease, or ridicule someone or something. A humorously polite alternative to the phrase "take the piss (out of someone or something)." Primarily heard in UK. It took me a while to realize that all her brother's bizarre questions about America were really just his way of extracting the urine out of me. Jeff's always extracting the urine out of the way politicians behave in public. It always takes foreigners a while to come to terms with English people's penchant for extracting the urine.
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extract something from someone or something

to remove something from someone or something; to make someone or a group give something. We extracted the juice from the oranges. The police questioning Maggie extracted the truth from her.
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The Chief product line includes frame-pulling equipment, vehicle-anchoring systems, measuring systems, vehicle frame specifications and fusion equipment including welders, rivet guns and fume extractors.
For more information about Extractor 100G and all of Telesoft's products visit http://www.
When there is more pressure to overcome due to excessive extractor resistance, there can be more effect on the case from it.
Q3D Extractor v8 is available for Microsoft Windows([R]) XP Professional, Server 2003 Standard Edition, XP Professional x64 Edition, Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 (32 and 64 bit) and v4 (32 and 64 bit), SuSE Linux Enterprise Server v9 (32 and 64 bit) and Solaris versions 8, 9 and 10.
The continued growth of the extractor category at $199 and above demonstrates the consumer's understanding of the price-value relationship," Lemke said.
Check to see the extractor is engaging the rim to full depth.
According to Kwok Keung Szeto, Senior Manager of the Technology Division at STATS ChipPAC, "Having the embedded electrical parameter extractor and constraints integrated within a single tool enables our engineers to immediately verify compliance with performance objectives, and reduces the iterations of using separate tools.
Company officials said that, for several years, they have considered developing an extractor, but "it took time to find the right combination of ease of use, compelling benefits" and cleanability.
When used in conjunction with the latest minimally invasive stone treatment technologies, the NCompass extractor may significantly reduce the chance for multiple stone removal procedures.
Chief's new fusion line includes a self-piercing rivet gun, a heavy-duty weld fume extractor and a dust extractor designed specifically for aluminum repairs.
The tool is used to depress the detent plunger so you can remove the extractor shaft when disassembling the 120mm main gun's breechblock for cleaning during PMCS.
While not unsafe, the shorter case probably won't feed well from the magazine and the extractor is going to do all the work of holding the case against the breech.
NORTH CANTON, Ohio-Hoover is broadening its extractor line with a broader model: the SteamVac Widepath.
The second compartment, using patent pending technology, removes a majority of the FOGs that flow through the extractor.
para]]Dust extractor collects and contains aluminum particles released during sanding[[/para]]