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extract (something) from (someone or something)

To remove something from someone or something. Mom will extract the real story from you in no time—you're a terrible liar. Can we extract that sound bite from the file?
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extract the urine (out of someone or something)

To mock, deride, tease, or ridicule someone or something. A humorously polite alternative to the phrase "take the piss (out of someone or something)." Primarily heard in UK. It took me a while to realize that all her brother's bizarre questions about America were really just his way of extracting the urine out of me. Jeff's always extracting the urine out of the way politicians behave in public. It always takes foreigners a while to come to terms with English people's penchant for extracting the urine.
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extract something from someone or something

to remove something from someone or something; to make someone or a group give something. We extracted the juice from the oranges. The police questioning Maggie extracted the truth from her.
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