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extort (something) from (someone or something)

To obtain something from someone or something through coercive means. I thought he was my friend, but here he is, trying to extort money from me through blackmail.
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extort something from someone or something

to steal something from someone by coercion; to force someone to give something by making threats. The crook was trying to extort a lot of money from the widow by selling her a worthless insurance policy. The authorities caught the accounting firm trying to extort a great deal of money from the bank.
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Unlike bribery, the nature of an extortive exchange doesn't leave the extorted party with anything besides being free from the present threat.
conspiratory, or extortive should serve as a catalyst for legislative
Changes in the family system and in its beliefs about control, trust, and vulnerability related to economic extortive kidnapping.
The factors subsumed in this definition of corruption are so broad that they prompted Gire to provide the following refinement of its scope: In an elaborate analysis, Alatas (1990) divided corruption into seven distinct types: autogenic, defensive, extortive, investive, nepotistic, supportive, and transactive.
Billy Anders, a devoutly religious man utterly devoted to his family, sacrificed himself to the extortive plea demand to spare those he loved.
Extortive permutation analyses were then used to assess whether the ratings assigned to target readings were significantly higher than the ratings assigned to decoy ratings.
The first is that governments, in their policy of "no negotiation" despite risk to human life, seem to be treating criminal or battlefield behavior as though it were an economic transaction--as though it were a usurious or extortive system of raising capital.
Often, these personal attributes increase the likelihood that applicants/employees may be targeted for corporate espionage activities through the extortive techniques of compromise and sexual entrapment.
And the cumbersomeness and increased costs of the remaining methods of corporate political intervention--consider the tax consequences and time delay of funneling a donation through managers as increased compensation--would provide an excuse for the inability to respond swiftly to an extortive ultimatum.
But corporate executives and shareholders alike should be disturbed by the extortive circumstances in which Jackson appears to have gathered much of their money.
The catalyst theory relied upon by petitioners in this case and plaintiffs in countless other cases has the potential to be the basis for extortive strike suits that are designed principally to obtain attorney's fees in instances in which municipalities might otherwise have changed their laws without regard to the existence or non-existence of litigation on the issue in question.
These circumstances, as well as the great profitability of the sector in general, make it especially vulnerable to the extortive activities of the guerrillas.
It has traditionally employed extortive kidnapping and bank robberies to raise funds as well.
Violently aggressive and openly extortive conduct is more than likely to emerge in such an environment.
Inrex Co., "Many a prudent defendant, facing ruinous exposure, will decide to settle even a case with no merit." He added that "civil RICO has been used for extortive purposes, giving rise to the very evils that it was designed to combat."(5)