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extort something from someone or something

to steal something from someone by coercion; to force someone to give something by making threats. The crook was trying to extort a lot of money from the widow by selling her a worthless insurance policy. The authorities caught the accounting firm trying to extort a great deal of money from the bank.
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Ronald, 53, of High Meadow; Robert Graham, 57, of Gaw Hill Lane, Aughton; John Doyle, 61, of Summerswood Lane, Ormskirk; and two Scottish solicitors deny conspiring to extort pounds 4.
They said the contract between a service provider and his bank to collect bills is the contract between these two parties and consumers are not a party to this contract and hence it is illegal to extort bank charges for bill payment from the consumers.
TYRE, Lebanon: Two men were sentenced Monday to three years in prison after being convicted of obstructing justice after they tried to extort money in exchange for testimony in a judicial case.
Patna: Police in Bihar are on the lookout for an alleged criminal who has tried to extort money from as many as 96 people using his email.
Peshawar: Police in Pakistan have arrested a schoolgirl for trying to extort money from wealthy men by pretending she was linked to Taliban militants, officers said on Tuesday.
A 25-count criminal complaint was filed against a Los Angeles company that allegedly towed legally parked cars in order to extort money for their release, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said Friday.
Three men were arrested by federal agents in August for allegedly luring a local man into having sex, photographing it, and then trying to extort $75,000 flom the victim to keep the picture from his family and colleagues.
The murders were committed for one reason, he told the jury, to extort money from the government.
Philippine police have also arrested a 26-year-old Filipino man for allegedly trying to extort 2 million pesos (about $40,100) from a Japanese company executive, the police report said.
Roberta Combs, president of the Coalition, said the case was groundless and called it "nothing more than a cynical effort to embarrass and extort the Coalition.
S lawsuit claims Newmont and its minority partner in Peru, Compania de Minas Buenaventura, paid Peru's former spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos to extort and bribe Peruvian judges into granting Newmont a greater stake in the Yanacocha mine.
LOS ANGELES -- Officials of the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE/Labor Commissioner's Office) announced today that an Alhambra man who allegedly attempted to extort money from his former employer by posing as a deputy state labor commissioner has plead no contest to obtaining funds through false pretenses.
A mafia crime family infiltrated filming of Catherine Zeta-Jones's latest film to attempt to extort money, police said yesterday.
A former Teesside man has admitted trying to extort pounds 94,000 from a California supermarket chain by threatening to put tainted baby food products on shelves.
Murillo's group stops by every week to extort a few dollars from her shop, which assembles counterfeit Reebok sneakers.